• Health


    The overall goal of our comprehensive Health Education Curriculum at Scarsdale Middle School is for our students to gain a greater awareness about what constitutes their physical, mental, and social well-being.  Our mission is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable our students to make responsible decisions, thus allowing them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is our belief that a healthy lifestyle can benefit adolescents in all aspects of their growth and learning.    

    Students will attend health class for one academic quarter per grade level. The curriculum spirals throughout each grade level with a variety of age-appropriate topics that correlate with the New York State and National Standards for Health Education while addressing the specific needs of the Scarsdale community. The Joint Committee on National Health Education Standards has established that “health literate individuals…are critical thinkers and problem solvers, responsible and productive citizens, self-directed learners, and effective communicators.”  

    General Course Outline:

    The sixth-grade curriculum focuses on Self-Esteem; Healthy Decision Making Skills; Bullying and developing Empathy; Internet Safety; Assertiveness Skills; Stress Management; Substance Abuse Prevention: Alcohol and Tobacco; Nutrition; Puberty and Adolescent Changes; HIV/AIDS Awareness.  

    The seventh-grade curriculum includes Personality Type; Food and Sustainability; First Aid and Safety; Disease Prevention Overview: HIV/AIDS; Accessing Reliable Resources Online; Mental Health; Building Empathy and Understanding Others; Using the Right Words; Normal Ups and Downs of Adolescence; Stress Management.  

    The eighth-grade curriculum allows students to explore Teen Dilemmas & Making Decisions; Healthful Actions vs. Risky Behaviors; Stress Management; Depression; Suicide Warning Signs; Resiliency; Substance Abuse Prevention: tobacco, marijuana, steroids, alcohol; Media Literacy & Body Image; Body Composition; Comprehensive Unit on Human Sexuality including preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases: HIV/AIDS, Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships, Sexual Harassment, and Internet Safety.