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    Nick Miller
    Learning Center Teacher
    About My Classroom
                                  Welcome to the Learning Center
    The Learning Center gives students the opportunity to work on targeted skills in a small group setting.  We reinforce strategies taught in the classroom that can later be applied to a variety of learning situations.

                                              My Philosophy

    I believe that all students can learn in their own unique way and time. The key to success is perseverance and strategy use. When children are confident, they can accomplish anything. I try to support student learning by discovering a child's strengths and then foster a love of learning that transfers back into the classroom and real world environment. 
    Learning Resource Center

    The Learning Resource Center Program is a support system for students, teachers and parents. The Learning Resource teacher provides for the needs of our children in a variety of ways:

    * Direct instruction in specific academic areas such as Reading, Written Expression and Mathematics.

    * Support in organization and study skills may be addressed through various content areas such as Social Studies or Science.

    * Diagnosis, assessment and the development of an educational plan to meet the academic needs and learning styles.

    * Consultation with classroom teachers regarding strategies, materials and activities.

    * Communication with parents concerning their child's needs and progress.