• Dear Parents,


      Welcome to kindergarten at Quaker Ridge School! As you may have noticed, your child has two teachers.  Two of our four kindergarten classes here at Quaker Ridge have been paired with Special Education teachers this year!  The beauty of this model is that it allows us to meet the needs of all of our learners, in that each student will receive instruction based on each student’s strengths and needs.  We are so excited to be your child's teachers this year. Each day will bring opportunities for wonder, curiosity and discovery. What a wonderful age to be!


    Please join us on Thursday August 30th, from 9:00 - 9:30 for our annual Meet-the-Teachers event.  You are invited to stop by our classroom and see where we will be spending our days learning, laughing, and making so many precious memories.


    If you have not pre-ordered your child’s school supplies, this is a great time to drop them off.  Your child will be able to take a look around, meet us, and hopefully feel a bit more comfortable about coming to school the following Tuesday!



    Prior to the first day of school, we encourage you to spend some time with your child reading Audrey Penn’s, The Kissing Hand.  This is one of our favorite books and we will spend the first week of school doing many "Kissing Hand" activities.


    We look forward to a very special year with you and your child.  With your help and cooperation, it will be a most successful and enriching experience for all.


    A Few Important Things:


    ** If you plan on coming to our “Meet the Teacher” event, please also bring two wallet sized pictures of your child . These picture's will be at your child's table and cubby. If you are unable to bring it on Thursday you can place them in your child’s backpack ready for the first day of school.


    **The first day of school will be an exciting time for all of us! Our doors will open at 8:35 a.m. On the first day of school only, you may walk your child down to our classroom if you choose,  but please say your goodbyes outside in the hall. We will be there at the door to greet each child as they walk in on their own.  They will have several activities to start as we wait for the class to arrive.

    **Our Kindergarten aides will be greeting our bus riders as they exit the buses and walk down the halls.  It is normal for some students to feel apprehensive and nervous to come in, but please know that even if there are a few tears they quickly dissipate as soon as the day really starts.

    **In the days leading up to the start of school, you can prepare your child by showing them how excited they should be. When you visit the classroom with your child the week before please help him/her locate his/ her name in the many places around the room. Additionally, reading The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn or watching the video will help to ease any nervousness.

    Dismissal Information:

    **Please make sure to fill out Dismissal Manager everyday!  It is important that we have it ready for the first day of school to alleviate any dismissal anxiety or questions.  Please be sure your child is aware of their dismissal plan each morning.


    ** Lunch time is a very chaotic time in the cafeteria.  We like to give our youngest students a couple of weeks to acclimate to the busy atmosphere as well as adjust to their responsibilities before taking on the additional task of ordering lunch from the cafeteria.  We ask that you do not order lunch from the cafeteria website, Nutrislice, for the first two weeks. This will give our students and our aides an adequate cushion to become familiar with a very important part of the day. Past cooperation has been very successful!!


    ** Snack: Starting on the first day of school, we will have two daily snacks around 10:00 am and 2:15pm. Please remember to send your child to school with two healthy snacks, including a drink, each day.


    **QR kindergarten classes are  NUT FREE. Please keep this in mind while you are choosing your child’s snacks. You can refer to the PTA’s approved list of treats as well as additional information regarding what having a nut-free classroom really means.


    **Art Smock: Our specials will begin on Tuesday, September 6th. Please send in an art smock with your child’s name on it. Oversized t-shirts or an old button-up shirt work well.


    **Extra clothes: Please send in an extra set of clothes for your child to keep in school. This should include socks and underwear as well. These clothes are invaluable on days a student has an accident or simply slips in the mud outside. Please place clothes in a labeled bag.


    We understand that you’ve been bombarded with information and the school year hasn’t even begun yet. If there is anything that we haven’t answered, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our SchoolWires page is continuously updated and will hopefully provide answers to most of your questions.  


    If there is something you’re still wondering about, email is the best way to reach us.




    We hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  We look forward to a most successful kindergarten year with you and your family.



    Christine Cacioppo & Janine Milo