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    Mark Winston
    Educator, Grade 5...5Wi!
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    About Our Classroom
    A dynamic, interactive, and fun learning environment that focuses on creative, critical, and design thinking.  Though highly-structured, students are encouraged to use their individual learning styles to access concepts and information, while pursuing problem-solving strategies.  Homework loads are encouraged to promote time management, organization, personal responsibility, and prioritization skills/behaviors.  Process and project-oriented learning. "Winstonites" become life-long learners with a solid rapport and relationship with their educator.
    Due Dates/Ongoing Work and Projects: 
    Daily Q, Crypto, Jumble
    Number of the Week (19)-
    Family Fun (homework)-Tom Stories, Warm-ups 17-18, Using a Calculator,
    The Brooklyn Bridge, and Into the Dark Unknown
    A Long Walk to Water-Chapters 1-10
    Vocabulary 17 and Grammar 29, 30-3/27
    Partner Reading-Every Other Day
    Current Events-Daily Journal-Begin 3/23
    Tinker Town/Design-Ongoing...
    Dividing Decimals-Text: pp.21-27, Wkbk. pp.12-16, E.P. R&H: p.124 #2 & 4 only, Do: p.139, Only Division Problems, p. 140
    Geography-Ongoing (Europe)-STUDY! Test-4/3
    Graphic Memoir-Ongoing-from your life map and create in your poetry journal or reader/writer notebook-4/10
    Nation Project-Ongoing-Physical piece, info. booklet, artifact, kahoot, bibliography, slide show-4/17
    Capstone-Phase 1-Task/Flow/Questioning/Checklist, Inquiry Research: What Do You Want to Learn About Today? 
    Westchester County Board of Legislators
    Committee Room                                             5W and 5B, Front and Center                       Committee Meeting
    Committee1 Boykin2 Committee2
    Legislator Boykin and Students.                        Legislator Giving Her Opinion                   Legislator Boykin in The Rotunda
    Boykin1 Kayla Boykin3
    Man Out Of Wires-Noah      Eiffel Tower-Peyton                                         Flower Power-Josh
    Noah Peyton Josh
     Moonshine-Zachary                                 Smiley-Taylor                                              Tech Designed City-Arjun
     Zach Taylor Arjun
     The Security Council Room                    Engaged Learners                                5W Diplomats
     Security Council Group Group2
    5W Out Front                                                     QRS Fifth Grade
    Flags Back
    Zoom Meetings-M-F-10:30, Check-Ins-2:00 Read Aloud Weekends-8:00
    Europe Test-4/3