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    Mark Winston
    Educator, Grade 5...5Wi!
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    About Our Classroom
    A dynamic, interactive, and fun learning environment that focuses on creative, critical, and design thinking.  Though highly-structured, students are encouraged to use their individual learning styles to access concepts and information, while pursuing problem-solving strategies.  Homework loads are encouraged to promote time management, organization, personal responsibility, and prioritization skills/behaviors.  Process and project-oriented learning. "Winstonites" become life-long learners with a solid rapport and relationship with their educator.
    Due Dates/Ongoing Work and Projects: 
    Number of the Week (9)-11/6, 11/9
    Family Fun (homework)-11/2-11/16
    Vocabulary 7 and Grammar 9-11/5-11/9
    Bridges Engineering Challenge-11/13 Start
    Caine's Arcade-Museum-11/7
    Current Events
    United States Test-12/14
    Tinker Town/Design-Ongoing
    X and ÷ with Double Digits-11/5
    The Constitution-Ongoing 
    Nation Project
    Goodie Bag Challenge                                 Maker Faire in Queens
    Goodie Bag Video Philip
                                    Index Card Challenge
    DylanSophie EliAsher RafaelSam
                                                ROPES Course
    Jacob Maya Rafi
                                                          Un-Making Art
                              Tinker                                      Town                           Parasite                A Guy in a TV with a Donut
    Tinker Town Parasite Guy
                    Mecha Soldier                         The Tank                         Angry Robot Scientist                 Exploding Blender
    Mecha Tank Angry Blender
    Westchester County Board of Legislators-January
    Westchester Broadway Theater-March
    State ELA Tests-April
    State Math Tests-May
    Lower East Side Tenement Museum-May