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Jennifer Hefner

School Phone 914-721-2780

Welcome to Quaker Ridge Elementary School, a place where we celebrate the whole child and help foster a love for learning while creating a safe and supportive environment that your child can grow and thrive in over their course of their elementary years. The faculty at Quaker Ridge work hard in partnership with the parents to create opportunities for our students to become productive members of society. We are dedicated to providing daily opportunities for collaboration, exploration, creativity, risk-taking, critical and creative thinking and above all, an appreciation and sense of pride in the accomplishments that they achieve each day.

There are a wide variety of ways that I am able to provide support as Teacher-in-Charge. I have the pleasure of working collaboratively with all staff members, parents and students. I am able to work in collaboration with teachers to achieve professional development and district wide goals that they have set. I absolutely love visiting classrooms and participating in the lessons that teachers plan so carefully. In addition, I meet with teachers, parents, PTA committees and students to discuss various educational, behavioral and other school related issues.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions at 721-2780 or you can always email me with your questions or concerns.