• A Message from the Principal

     Scarsdale High School enjoys a national reputation as one of America's finest high schools. The richness of our curriculum, the preparation of our faculty, the achievements of our students, and our record of college admissions at the nation's leading universities all demonstrate a pattern of excellence. Education in Scarsdale has historically been the focus of our community, and the combination of highly motivated students, supportive parents, a talented faculty, and appropriate financial resources suggest that Scarsdale High School is a model of what quality public education can be. 

    In addition to preparing students for college study and for productive adult lives, we emphasize student participation in the broader community. Our extensive roster of opportunities in athletics, clubs, activities, and service promotes a commitment to others through teamwork and dedication to principle. There is a vitality of spirit at this high school that underpins all that we do, and we welcome your interest in our school. We are proud of our record of high achievement and look forward to sharing elements of our program that may be useful to you.
    Kenneth Bonamo