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    K Bescherer in her classroom

    Ms. Bescherer
    General and Vocal Music K-5
    Welcome to the Heathcote General and Vocal Music Classroom.
    You can get a quick look into the music room by regularly visiting this site.
    Be sure to check here for news on units of study by grade level, lyrics to the songs we're working on, homework assignments, interesting links, upcoming assemblies, and more!

    Thank you for your interest. 
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    Please feel free to contact me through email. 
    I always appreciate hearing from our parents whether it's a question, concern, suggestion, or just to let me know what your Heathcote student is talking about from music class, or any special performances they may be involved in outside of the school. 

    The Heathcote Music Schedule during the 6-day rotation
    • has General Music twice during every rotation for 40 minutes each session. This year we are pleased to welcome back Mr. Daniel Antonelli for these classes. He can be reached at DAntonelli@scarsdaleschools.org
    • 1-2 have General Music twice during every rotation for 40 minutes each session.
    • Grade 3 has General Music once during each rotation for 40 minutes each session.  
    • Grade 4 and 5 have General Music once every rotation for 40 minutes. 
    • Grade 4 and 5 also have Chorus once each rotation for 45 minutes each session with the entire grade level.
      All 4th & 5th Graders are members of the Heathcote Chorus.
      Be sure to get the concert dates on your calendar:
      Chorus (only) concert is March 12, 2019. 
      Our Combined Concert with Chorus, Orchestra, and Band concert is June 6, 2019.
      Our Band and Orchestra (only) concert is January 31, 2019. Please check in with Dr. Schultz or Mr. Weber for more details. 
      Our evening performances will be given at 7:30 in the Heathcote Auditorium.