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    Paula Magaletti

    Spanish Teacher

    Heathcote School


    Bienvenidos a mi página. Voy a introducir el programa de español.
    To read about our Elementary Spanish Program, click here.  K-5 Spanish Curriculum Guide
    All Scarsdale students in grades one through five participate in the elementary Spanish program. We meet two times in a six day rotation and each class is forty minutes long. Our FLES program begins with a focus on listening and speaking.  The curriculum is developmentally designed and instruction is multi-sensory.  All topics are reinforced through games, songs, dance, and art.

    Spanish units are connected to existing curriculum units in every grade.  The children hear favorite pieces of literature in Spanish. Very often their Spanish work is connected to their Math, Science, and/or Social Studies units.  Fourth graders begin to read and write in Spanish.  They interview their classmates.  They write poetry and make a short oral presentation on an animal of the rainforest.  They learn about Columbus, his voyages, and several other Spanish explorers.  Our Madrid unit includes the royal family, artists, and students can identify major places of interest in the city.  Fifth graders write telephone dialogues with classmates to make appointments.  In the classroom they use their knowledge of foods to order in a restaurant and their knowledge of clothing to shop in a retail store.

    The Spanish classroom is a comfortable, risk-free environment where children are eager and willing to participate orally with their peers.  As they acquire this new language they are developing the skills they need to be successful in all academic areas.

    Muchas gracias por su interés.
    Paula A. Magaletti