• Welcome to Mrs. Higgins' webpage.

    WELCOME TO 2 - H!
    Cheryl Higgins
    2nd Grade Teacher
    Home Phone: 914 423-4847

    About My Website

    This website has been set up to help keep families and students informed of classroom activities, homework policies, special events and interesting curriculum related links.

    Parent-Teacher Communication

    • It is easiest to reach me through e-mail at chiggins@scarsdaleschools.org
    • Or, you may choose to call our office (914) 721-2400 ext. 2760 for them to leave me a message.****However, I may not get that e-mail or message until AFTER the school day, so DO NOT leave anything time-sensitive in either of these ways.
    • Or, you may call me at home in the evenings at (914) 423-4847.

    Classroom Homework

    • Every evening Monday through Thursday, children should *study* spelling words from our word study program.
    • Every day, seven days a week, including vacation weeks, children should read for at least 20 minutes.

    Written homework is as follows:
    • Mondays - Word Study
    • Tuesdays - Math
    • Wednesdays - Comprehension
    • Thursdays - Varies, but usually math
    • Every Friday at morning meeting: Show and Tell opportunity, called "Friday Share."

    Parental Involvement:

    • It is fine to see that your child's work is completed, and neatly. If you have to help with part(s), kindly initial where you've helped. This helps the teacher discern what the child knew vs. where the child needed support.
    • Once or twice a week, it is fine for your child to log *your* reading to *him.* Just please have him write "Par." next to the pages so I'll know.
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