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    C.H.I.L.D., a committee of Scarsdale’s PT Council, is a network of resources, information and support for:
     Parents and Teachers with a child or student who… 
    • Struggles with school work or homework
    • Receives support in a resource room or related services such as speech, OT, PT
    • Is in a self-contained, parallel, inclusion, or skills class, or
    • Receives modifications or accommodations based upon his or her unique needs
     We have a diverse group of dedicated volunteers who are available to answer your questions and offer support and advice. 
     Your calls will be kept confidential.

    Member Meetings and More - Member Meetings, School Coffees and other presentations provide opportunities for us to:

    • be informed about what is new in Special Education in Scarsdale
    • discuss the ways that we can ensure that Special Education is meeting our children's needs
    • learn about other topics that relate to the education and development of our children 
    • provide a way to meet other parents in C.H.I.L.D
    Our meetings feature speakers from the Scarsdale School District as well as noted professionals in the fields of learning disabilities, psychology, and medicine. 

    MEETING SCHEDULE:  Visit the C.H.I.L.D calendar to view or export all meeting dates to your personal calendar.