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    Mrs. Carole Phillips, Library Media Specialist
    Ms Elizabeth Constan, Library Assistant
    Library Hours
    The library is officially open during school hours, 8:35-3:00. 
    The book return slot is also open before and after school.
    Borrowing Books
    Books may be borrowed for 12 days (two cycles of the six day schedule.
    Books may be renewed for one more cycle.
    Overdue, Lost or Damaged Books
    We do not charge late fines, but if a book is lost or damaged the student will be responsible
    for purchasing a replacement or they will be billed for the replacement cost.
    The Open Library Model 
               The Greenacres Library program is an open library model.  It is designed to encourage every student to develop a life-long love of literature and learning (information literacy).  A collaborative approach between the librarian and the classroom teacher allows for authentic learning of literature, as well as information literacy skills and strategies.  Access to a very large, professionally developed collection of literature provides students with an amazing resource as they develop their reading ability and stimulates their natural curiosity to seek answers to their questions. Students use both print and online resources to learn the skills of inquiry research.  Instruction in inquiry skills, designed around an project-based framework, generates active learning of new content and the formation of new understandings.
    Guidelines for Book Selection 
             Students may borrow two books at a time (more if they need books for research).  Every student should choose a "just-right" reading book for them.  This is an individual decision based on personal interest and reading ability, and students are encouraged to use the Five Finger Rule to test the book out before they choose it.  Choosing excellent "just-right" reading material is a life skill that takes a lot of practice to master, which is part of the reason we try again each and every cycle!  The second book selected can be a free choice title--  anything from a Early Reader,  Biography, Cookbook or even a longer chapter book for their parents to read aloud to the family!
    Reading and Research Recommendations
             On the Library menu at the top of this page Booklists  has book recommendations and lots of great ideas for finding an interesting book to read. 
            Doing some research when the library is closed?  The Databases page to use our library resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  Some database require special Passwords for At Home Access.
          Questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Mrs. Carole Phillips
Last Modified on November 9, 2021