• Welcome to Greenacres School
    Opening its doors to students on November 29, 1915, Greenacres is the oldest of Scarsdale’s elementary schools. In 1916, the district’s enrollment was 380 students, 86 of whom were enrolled at Greenacres.  We continue to grow as a thriving learning community with 405 students currently enrolled.  
    While much has changed since our early years, Greenacres still graces the community with its charming presence. Our students enjoy rich curricular and cultural experiences that nurture lifelong learning.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, think independently and to cultivate a healthy work ethic as they strive to meet their goals.
    Greenacres is a warm nurturing community where children and adults value differences, practice empathy and where respect seasons our thought and actions. Our parents understand and value their role in partnering with the school in order to provide the best educational experience for students. 
    As the children are on a journey of learning, so are we as educators, always seeking opportunities to learn and grow. Our students experience a wide range of learning opportunities in mathematical problem solving and reading and writing, with a focus on meaning and purpose. There are many opportunities for students to make discoveries about the world they live in using multiple resources to find answers while engaged in inquiry. They are encouraged to develop their artistic and musical talents and to be innovative using their imagination in our newly designed Maker Space. Our PTA also provides many opportunities for students  in the visual and performing arts. 
    Greenacres is a thriving learning environment offering our students not only the gift of learning and exploring but also, in  becoming global citizens, we help students cultivate a sense of responsibility toward each other and the world. You are welcome to explore our website and enjoy the many aspects of school life we have attempted to capture and share with you. 
    Sharon Hill, Principal