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    Mrs. Kottoor
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    Contact Information: ckottoor@scarsdaleschools.org
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    Dear Parents and Kindergartners,
    Welcome to kindergarten at Quaker Ridge School! I am so excited to be your child’s teacher this year. Kindergarten is such an exciting time. Each day will bring opportunities for wonder, curiosity and discovery. What a wonderful age to be!

      Please join us on Thursday, August 29, from 9:00-9:30am for our annual Meet-the-Teachers event. You are invited to stop by our classroom and see where we will be spending our days learning, laughing and making so many precious memories. If you have not ordered supplies through the PTA, this is a great time to drop them off. Your child will be able to take a look around, meet me, and hopefully feel a bit more comfortable about coming to school the following week!  

     At 9:30am, your child will have the special opportunity to board a school bus at the front of the school. This will prepare your child when s/he takes the bus on the very first day of school. You can bring your child down to the front traffic circle to board a bus and let your child get a feel for sitting in a bus seat and buckling him/herself in.

    If you can't make it on Thursday, August 29ththen I will see you on Tuesday, September 3rd.

    Prior to the first day of school, we encourage you to spend some time with your child reading Audrey Penn’s, The Kissing Hand. This is one of my favorite books. Here is a link where you can watch a video of Audrey Penn reading the book to viewers.
    The Kissing Hand

    I look forward to a very special year with you and your child. With your help and cooperation, it will be a most successful and enriching experience for all.

    A few important things:

    ** If you plan on coming to our "Meet the Teacher" Event, please also bring a picture of your family no larger than 4 x 6. If you are unable to bring it on Thursday, you can place it in your child's backpack ready for the first day of school.

    **The first day of school will be an exciting time for all of us! Our doors will open at 8:35 AM. If you choose, you may walk your child down to our classroom, but please say your goodbyes outside in the hall. I will be there at the door to greet each child as they walk in on their own. They will have several activities to start as we wait for the class to arrive. Our Kindergarten aides will be greeting our bus riders as they get exit the buses and walk down the halls. It’s normal for some students to feel apprehensive or nervous to come in but please know that even if there are a few tears, they quickly dissipate as soon as the day starts. You can prepare your child by showing them how excited they should be. When you visit the classroom with your child the week before, s/he will be able to find his or her name in many places around the room. Additionally, reading The Kissing Hand or watching the video will help to ease any nervousness.

    **Snack: Starting on the first day of school, we will have a daily snack around 10:00am and another snack at 2:15pm. Please remember to send your child to school with 2 healthy snacks, including drinks, each day. We will also try to get outside for an extra recess each day so be sure to pack a light sweater for your child.

    **K-KO is a NUT FREE classroom. Please keep this in mind while you are choosing your child’s snacks. You can refer to the PTA's approved list of treats as well as additional information regarding what having a nut-free classroom really means.

    **Lunch: I suggest the first 2 weeks of school you send in lunches for your child. The cafeteria can be overwhelming in the beginning of school. There are a lot of children eating and the lunch lines are long. Once the children have the routine down, then I suggest sending in lunch tickets.

    **Art Smock: Our specials will begin on Tuesday September 3rd. Please send in an art smock with your child’s name on it. Over sized t-shirts or an old button-up shirt work well.

    **Extra clothes: Please send in an extra set of clothes for your child to keep in school. This should include socks and underwear as well. These clothes are invaluable on days a student has an accident or simply slips in the mud outside. Please place clothes in a labeled ziplock bag.
    **One new pair of socks for a wipe-off board (any color or pattern). No name on the socks please.

    Mrs. Kottoor