• The Scarsdale Board of Education

    Board of Education 2017-18  
    From Left to Right Top: Nina Cannon, Christopher Morin, Pamela Fuehrer, Arthur S. Rublin
    From Left to Right Bottom: Leila Maude, William Natbony (President), Scott Silberfein (Vice President)
    The Board of Education comprises seven unpaid citizens elected to staggered three-year terms. The Board establishes broad goals and policy, delegates the Superintendent of Schools and professional staff the authority to achieve those goals, and broadly evaluates progress. Individual trustees act in authority only when assembled as a Board. Meetings occur twice monthly during the academic year and are open to the public. Residents have two opportunities at each meeting to speak on matters of interest.
    Written communications are welcome at 2 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583, or at boardofed@scarsdaleschools.org.
    Please note that the Open Meetings Law requires all Board deliberations which may lead to action or policy changes to occur in public; therefore, your written communications and e-mails will be reported at an upcoming public Board meeting. Thereafter, you will receive a formal written response, if that was indicated in your communique.