Celeste Aberman
    Mrs A
                                   Fourth Grade Teacher Edgewood -Room 24                  Mrs. Aberman
    Welcome to Fourth Grade 2018-2019

        These pages have been set up to help keep families and students informed of classroom activities, homework policies, special events and interesting curriculum links.
        This is an exciting year filled with new experiences. My hope is that each child will become more confident, take risks and enjoy coming to school every day.  Never hesitate to drop me a note because our partnership is an important part of your child's year in school.
         Please note that this year we have a change in policy reagrding food in the classroom. We are no longer allowed to celebrate birthdays with cupcakes or any other ind of food. To help your child's birthday feel special therefore, we will sing Happy Birthday and will have an alternative way of classroom celebration.  

    no more cupcakes

        I'm looking forward to our year together.
    Celeste Aberman