• Welcome to Edgewood School!

    At Edgewood, we keep students at the center by encouraging them to share ideas, follow their passions, and take action that creates the community we want our school to be!

    As the Assistant Principal, my work involves supporting all staff members, parents, and students by closely working with Mrs. Karen Eldon, Edgewood’s interim principal.  I support teachers in developing instructional practices, implementing curriculum, and reviewing assessment data to enrich student learning as well as facilitate professional development for all staff. Additionally, I meet with teachers, parents, and students to discuss various educational and school-related initiatives and collaborate with parents to help plan and implement projects for the school community.  

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. I look forward to another year of collaboration and learning at Edgewood!



    Lauren Drapek
    Assistant Principal

    (914) 721-2714