Joining the SMS Running Team

    Spring Season 2020

    ~ Start Date 4/27/20 ~


    What is Track and Field?

          Participation in Track and Field offers a versatile selection of competitive athletic events that involve many combinations of strength, speed and endurance. Like competition at most levels, middle school Track and Field events encompass sprint and long distance running races, individual and relay options, as well as jumping and throwing events. This season will offer a modified version of our Track and Field program through Schoology workouts and Zoom meetings with your coaches. Although you will be training at home, your coaches and team will offer support, encouragement, and progress checks throughout the season.  


    The Track and Field philosophy is simple one:

    Everyone is important, unique, and contributes to the team;

    To strive for excellence is as worthy as achieving it;

    Everyone can reach for their personal best;

    We can have fun training and race well;

    We want to inspire a love of running!


          Keeping this in mind, running is actually only part of what is learned when participating on the Track and Field team. Our main focuses are sportsmanship, team support, group work, fun, exercise, strength building, endurance, and finally running strategies.


    What are the Different Track and Field Events?

          Middle School Track and Field events are broken into 3 categories: sprint events, distance events, and field events. SMS athletes will be exposed to all. Let’s review each of these categories: 

    • Sprint events require running at top speeds for the following distances: 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters. In addition there is the 4x100-m sprint relay race and the 55 meter hurdles (heights of 30-33 inches).
    • Distance events challenge an athlete’s endurance in the 800 meter and 1,600 meter race.
    • Field Events are normally held on the interior and exterior parts of the track and include both throwing and jumping events. Athletes demonstrate their strength by throwing the shot put (9-12 lbs.) and discus (2.2 – 3.5 lbs.). Jumping events showcase athleticism in the high jump, long jump and triple jump. 


    What Does it Take to be Successful?


             More than anything else, success in Track and Field takes time… time to learn; time to train; time to sleep, rest and recover; after school time; weekend time; time away from family and friends; and time away from other interests. Along with maintaining the academic responsibilities of an SMS student, we understand  that most student-athletes are busy and highly scheduled. We try to achieve a balance between all responsibilities by putting school work first and recognizing the benefits of running second.


     What should you expect?

          Expect to run everyday! Practice workouts will be provided  Monday – Friday, and posted after school starting at 2:36pm. Your coaches have designed a training regimen that works to build your fitness, endurance, running and fielding skills. As well there will be a Zoom meeting once a week to focus and demonstrate skills, form, proper breathing, stretching, and pacing. We expect participating in both Zooms and practices. 

    Practices are essential for the health, development, and safety of the SMS Track and Field athlete and are required for team participation. Therefore all athletes will be required to record their progress and log in their times on our Schoology Page! Coaches will be providing individualized feedback on these forms as well as tracking progression.   

          A normal consequence of beginning to train is muscle soreness, which will soon go away. Tell your coaches about your aches and always do your end of practice cool down and stretches to relieve and reduce aches and don’t give up!!!

          Expect that the weather will not cooperate – it always seems too hot, too cold, too rainy, too windy, etc., BUT no matter the weather, expect to practice!

          Expect to have fun and to make some new running friends!


    Running Shoes and Apparel

          You need a good pair of running sneakers (this does not mean expensive, it means a shoe designed for running or cross-training).

          Loose fitting T-shirts and running pants / shorts are adequate for daily training in nice weather. You should have sweats as well for cooler weather.

          Normally for our meets you would be given a team t-shirt. The team t-shirt is required for participating in meets! But, this year we most likely will focus on beating our own personal times and friendly school comparison competition … therefore, no team shirt required.    


    Next Steps … 

    All interested students should complete the following steps to join the team:


    •   Find and fill out the form on the Track and Field Schoology page
    •   Try to run this weekend in preparation … your goal should be to maintain a steady pace for 10-15 min. (The distance does matter as much as maintaining a constant pace for 10-15 min. Without stopping or slowing down!)

    Running Coaches

    Please feel free to contact your coaches with any questions or concerns!


    Head Coach Browne

    • cbrowne@scarsdaleschools.org  
    • Note: Coach Browne is the Popham 6 Science Teacher; Classroom P85

    Assistant Coaches

    • mrothman@scarsdaleschools.org
    • mpincus@scarsdaleschools.org
    • tholtzer@scarsdaleschools.org


    SMS Modified Sports Director Coach Roemer

    • kroemer@scarsdaleschools.org