Welcome to the 2021 Scarsdale Middle School Track and Field Team 

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    All interested athletes MUST attend the Interest Meeting on TBA in Gym C 
    NOTE: Please review attachment for the Interest MEeting Information:



    Parents must complete, sign, and date the Gold Card Health History and Consent Form. The Gold Card Health History and Consent Form is handed in to the Nurse’s Office.

    All forms are available at the Middle School Nurse’s Office. Gold Card Parent Questionnaire must be handed in to the Nurse between March 14th and March 31st. Modified physical forms can be handed in or faxed to the Nurse at anytime. You can fax the Gold Card Questionnaire to 722-2850. The spring season will begin on APRIL TBA.

    The spring season will begin on 4/TBAThis will count as our first practice - We will meet in Gym C/D for attendance and then move to the fields for practice . See Practice section below for further practice information and requirements.  
    Below is information for all athletes and parents to review. If there are still questions after you have read this please feel free to contact Coach Holtzer: tholtzer@scarsdaleschools.org 

    Coaching Staff

       Coaches: Coach Holtzer, Coach Pincus, Coach Rothman 

    Please email the Coaches with questions and concerns:
    Medical Information
     All athletes must  have a GOLD CARD issued by the school nurse BEFORE they are allowed to participate with the team.
    Emergency Contact Information
    Parents are asked to please review the medical information contained on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal for your son/daughter. This information will be the primary source in case of an emergency. Once you have reviewed the information please link through here to verify you have reviewed and corrected anything that appears on the page. This will also allow us to create an e-mail list to keep you advised of any schedule changes.
    Practices are held some Mondays but always Tuesday through Friday from 2:35-4:00 PM. There are days when the practices will be held at the high school; buses will bring students to the high school but there will be NO return bus. Students must be picked up from the high school after a high school practice or home meet. Please refer to the calendar for specific days (I will post this once we have received our meet schedule which should be around April 1st). Students who have extra help and arrive late may do so with a pass when practices are at the middle school.
    In the event that practice must be canceled for any reason, and email blast will be sent out to students and parents/guardians ASAP! 
    Transportation from Practice 
    •  Practices held at the Middle School- please arrange for your child's pick-up or alternate methods for a 4 PM dismissal.
    • Practice held at the high school will have a 4:30 PM dismissal.
     There  are 2 options when we have practice at the high school:
                     OPTION 1- You may pick-up your child from the high school @ 4:30 PM.
                     OPTION 2- You may send a signed note giving your child permission to walk home from the high school or leave with another parent.
    Please specify if the note is for an individual day or the season when practice is held at the high school.
    New York State establishes the minimum number of practices that athletes need in order to participate in competition. For spring track, those numbers are 8 prior to a scrimmage and 10 for all remaining meets during the season.
    Aside from being a state regulation, consistent attendance at practice is essential to learning the various aspects and skills required in the events, development and maintenance of an enhanced fitness level required to see improvement in any event, and in maintaining the sense of team connection with peers and also assists in the development of self confidence. In addition, track and field is a sport that athletes can be injured as a result of their participation. To reduce this possibility, consistent attendance at practice can help reduce the potential for injury through better conditioning and more awareness of the mechanics of individual events. 
    In the past, we have seen a direct connection with an athlete's personal performance and their attendance. Not only the total number of practices attended but also the consistency of their attendance has an effect on overall conditioning and self confidence. As the season progresses, athletes who do not come on a regular basis usually become frustrated with their ability to maintain and improve their performance, while teammates through their conditioning are seeing improvement. This is clearly evident in such events as hurdles, or any of the field events where skills and techniques are practiced. If a student misses the demonstration phase on one day, and tries to practice a skill that the others have already experienced, it will create a longer learning curve. While we can go back and review, the more absences a student has,  the less time they have to catch up with such a limited season.
    To be members of the team, students must achieve the minimum number of practice requirements prior to 5/TBA and maintain a minimum of 80 % participation throughout the season. As I mention above, aside from the social and emotional concerns that non-attendance can produce, there are clear physical, safety and skill acquisition aspects of the sport that are mitigated through consistency in learning and execution of various skills.
    Pre-Season Preparations
    All athletes will be starting the season with 15 minutes of conditioning running each day. If you can, try this on your own for a few days leading up to the first day !!!!! 
    Tee-shirts will be available for purchase for $10. Once an athlete has achieved the minimum number of practices, they may bring in a check made payable to the Scarsdale Board of Education for their shirt. For meets, students will need a pair of plain black shorts in addition to their tee-shirts. The Tee-shirt and black shorts are required for meets, students will not be able to participate without their team uniforms!
    (NOTE: There may not be state approved Meets this season ... more info to follow...)
    On meet days athletes are required to travel with the team on the Scarsdale School bus to and from the meet. Parents/guardians are welcomed to attend the meet or pick their child up from a meet, just be ready to present a photo ID and to sign-out your athlete. Please see Coach Browne or Mr. Roemer if there are extenuating circumstances.
    The events at all meets are basically the same:
    - Running events  include; 55 meter hurdles, 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 1500M and a 4 x 100 M relay
    - Field events include: shot putt, discus, long jump, triple jump and high jump
    At a meet, athletes may do two events from one category and one from the other. Events are usually selected and assigned a day or two prior to each meet.
    Parents are encouraged and officially invited by the coaching staff (since sometimes the kids may forget) to attend any of the meets on our schedule.
    WELCOME to Track and Field! We look forward to a fun and athletic season!
    Thank you,
    Coach Browne