Long Island Invitational 

    Congratulations to our invitational team!   

    42 teams competed at the event.  All results are posted on the Invitational Website

    We earned medals in 3 events 

    Experimental Design: 3rd place

    Mission Possible: 3rd Place

    Road Scholar: 6th Place

    Other Honrable Mentions:

    Anatomy: 12th place

    Circuit Lab: 12th place

    Dynamic Planet: 8th Place

    Glider: 11 Place

    Food Science: 12th Place

    Fossils: 11th place

    Ping Pong Parchute: 10th place



    Mousetrap, Denisty Lab, Mission Possible will NOT meet this week with Mr. Gandelman.  We will continue next week with their regular scheduled days.