Dear Science Olympians:

    We were scheduled to have a team meeting in which we were going to provide you with information about Science Olympiad. The closing of school prevented this.  

    Please go to the Science Olympiad State website for an important announcement.    https://newyorkscioly.org/

    This is also a letter I sent out to all coaches additional to the letter on the State Website.  I am not responding to Science Olympiad inquaires at this time. 

    Dear Coaches,

                                 By now you should have received an email from the Vice President of the N.Y. State Science Olympiad Board, John Beauregard. The announcement is unprecedented, which in of itself demonstrates the complexity and problematic consequences of the current health issue.  As stated in the letter the Lower Hudson Valley Regional Competition is postponed indefinitely. There is no current plan to reschedule the event nor a time table for when or even if it will occur this year. I am keenly aware of the commitment of all involved. I understand and sympathize with your frustrated and disappointed students, faculty and parents.  I am a coach as well as the Regional Director and share John Beauregards’ sentiment as stated at the end of his letter. No amount of emails or conversations are needed to address or express your views. Whether you are in favor of the decision or against, or have great alternative ideas and opinions on what could have been decided, ultimately this is the decision. 



    Jay Gandelman

    Regional Director