2021-2022 Student Organization - The "S. O."

    The student government at Scarsdale Middle School

    President: Lily Rosenthal 

    Vice President: Caterina DeCataldo 

    Executive Board: 

    Anish Mehta

    Spencer Hellman

    Yuhan Cruz

    Gavin Tieng

    Esha Mehta

    Faculty Advisors: Jessica Agovino, Meghan Kelly, Nicole Sassone
    Members of National Association of Student Councils
    The Scarsdale Middle School Student Organization (the S.O.) is a group of elected student representatives who meet on a regular basis for the following reasons:

    -       To help promote school spirit.

    -       To bring back ideas from their classmates to the S.O. on school issues.

    -       To plan and organize school-wide activities.

    -       To plan and organize community service projects.

    -       To meet with school administration on school-wide issues.

    There are 56 members of the S.O. Each representative is elected from each of the school's social studies classes. Included in that number is the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Members at Large which are elected from a school-wide vote in September/October.