• Welcome to SMS After School Life!
    The After School Clubs program will begin tentatively early October. Due to the pandemic and loss of Gym space we will not be able to offer intramurals at this time.
    Clubs will be offered virtually and start times vary.  This allows for travel time for students to get home to start their club.
    We are having a Club Fair zoom on October 7 to introduce our clubs for the year. Students will have the opportunity to zoom in and out of clubs they may be interested in and ask questions to the club supervisors.  Club sign-ups may happen during the Club Fair or the first day that the club meets.  Zoom links will be shared on this school wires page.
    Once the club schedule is finalized, dates and locations will be published on the club meeting day pages. Students should do their best to go to the first club meeting date.
    We are looking forward to having students join us in the After School Clubs Program this year!  If you have any questions, please contact me at 721-2629 or RKeith@scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us