•  Welcome to Ms. Janna Warren's webpage.

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    Mrs. Janna Warren
    Parallel Curriculum 8 (2021-2022): Butler and Cooper House
    English (Both Houses), Social Studies (Butler), & Academic Support (Both Houses)
    Room: Fountain 171
    Phone: 721-2400 x4771
    Email: jwarren@scarsdaleschools.org
    We have moved exclusively to Schoology! Please check Schoology for all relevant information.
    Extra Help: I am available for extra help with homework, test preparation, and general organization after school Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
    To ensure understanding of homework responsibilities and test dates, I strongly recommend checking Schoology EVERY afternoon. When in doubt, you can always email me for clarification.
    How will I know what the homework is? 
    1) Homework will be posted in Schoology daily.
    2) It is also written on the whiteboard in class each day. You may choose to write it down in your agenda AND/OR you may take a photo of it using your iPad.
    3) When in doubt, please email me directly. 
    **Students must check Schoology for the most up-to-date information regarding assignments and tests**