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    Mrs. Meghan Troy

    Classroom Teacher / Grade 7 / Social Studies


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    Dear Cooper 7, 

                Welcome back!  I hope that you had a fun and relaxing summer and that you are ready to get to work and have some fun.  I am very excited about the year ahead and hope that you are as well.  The 7th grade curriculum focuses on early American History through the Civil War.  We will be looking at American history through a global lens, making connections to modern day and international events. Learning history is more than just memorizing facts.  It involves understanding concepts that will help you become a better citizen in the world today.  We will focus on recognizing bias in everything that we read, see, and hear.  Many of the activities we do this year will reinforce these important concepts.  The following units of study will be explored this year: Identity, The Constitution & US Government, Exploration & Slavery, Colonization, Human Rights, Revolution, Beginnings of Government, Presidential Powers, Civil War, and Service Learning. 

                Throughout the school year, you will be working on the creation of an online e-portfolio to showcase your learning.  This e-portfolio will replace your final exam at the end of the year.  There is NO final exam for 7th grade social studies students.  We will use Google Sites as the platform for this portfolio. A portfolio is a purposeful collection of a student’s work that showcases his/her growth over the course of the school year.   You will select artifacts that best represent your learning of specific social studies skills.  Quizzes will also be given on a regular basis to better assess your understanding and skills.  After most units, you will take a test to better assess your understanding of the material.

                Homework is assigned each week. During each marking period, individual and group projects will also be assigned.  These projects will work on your research and writing skills.  All homework assignments will be shared through my edmodo page on a daily basis.  However, you should also write the assignment down in class in case technology fails.  Notes, permission slips, and various other documents will be posted on my School Wires.   

        The school supplies for my class are the following: 3 ring binder, 5 dividers (notes, classwork, homework, quizzes/tests, projects), agenda, pen, and pencil.   

             I am very excited about the year ahead and look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!  


    Mrs. Meghan Troy

    Cooper 7 social studies