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    Patricia Serafin / Grade 8 / English
    Butler House
    Room B126 
    Extra Help: Before HR and Tues.Wed.Thurs. after school     
    About My Classroom
    Dear Butler 8 Students,

    Eighth grade is an interesting year, and together we will experience the excitement of learning.  My goals are to:
    • Inspire you with varied critical and creative thinking activities to spark your different interests and learning styles. 
    • Encourage you to make decisions about your learning.
    • Help you to become better readers, stronger writers, dynamic speakers and empathetic listeners.
    Also, general information can be found in Expectations and Requirements which you should read.
    Read on to become familiar with pages you will use frequently. 

    Homework for weekly and long-term assignments, due dates and reminders
    Reading and Writing for Reading Lists, Reading Log, and writing outlines.
    Grammar Practice to review daily writing error lessons.
    Living Shakespeare, Life of the Party, Nature Walk, and Poetry Research for a "tour" of our many inspirational classrooms.

    I look forward to teaching you and learning with you. When you need extra help or to talk to me, I am available everyday before homeroom and after school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  There's a whole new world "hanging in the stars."


    Mrs. Trish Serafin