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    Ms. Cheryl Orlandi
    Instructor / 6th-8th / Physical Education Department
    Contact Information ((914) 721-2696 and/or corlandi@scarsdaleschools.org)
    About My Classroom
    Participation: All students are required to actively participate in their physical education classes unless they are on a long/short term medical condition. When unable to participate physically, students are then provided with an in-class activity/assignment, which correlates with the current unit they are in or given a specific topic relating to physical education.
    Preparation: All students are required to change into physical eduction clothes for each class and unit they have. Students are expected to wear appropriate laced up sneakers. Students can wear shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants or a sweatshirt.
    Skill Development: Each student is graded on skill development. The goal is to see every student make some form of progress with each learned skill.

    Current Units I am Teaching:


    6th Grade- Track and Field

    Here the students will experience 4 weeks of Track and Field, where they will learn the long jump, javelin, 50 meter sprint, 50 meter hurdles and the 4x100 meter relay with baton passing. The culminating activity for our students is our track meet. This activity provides our students with the opportunity to officiate and compete in a variety of events. The responsibilities include starting the races, timing with stop watches, measuring and raking the long jump pit and measuring the javelin. Each student will participate in the final event, which is the relay race. 


    7th Grade- Football/Handeye:

    Our 7th grade girls will carry out a 4 week handeye/football unit. The skills are broken down into throwing, catching, kicking, punting, running patterns, offensie and defensive positions. The class will have an opportunity to apply each of these skills in the flag football tournament. The class will also learn how to implement the rules of the game through refereeing. The goal is for them to feel comfortable throughout the unit both playing and refing the games.


    8th Grade- International Games:

    Our international games unit consists of a variety of activities from around the world, which continuously challenge our 8th grade students. Each 8th grader will get the opportunity to participate in activities such as; Cricket, Team Handball, Fistball, Bolo Ball, Bocce Ball, Rounders and Gaga. Exposing our students to international games will help them to appreciate the similarities and differences that we share within different cultures. Participating in team sports is a great way to start off the school year. These activities provide our students with many social aspects, such as; communication, leadership, empathy, teamwork, problem solving and the safety of others.