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    Ms. Cheryl Orlandi
    Instructor / 6th-8th / Physical Education Department
    Contact Information ((914) 721-2696 and/or corlandi@scarsdaleschools.org)
    About My Classroom
    Participation: All students are required to actively participate in their physical education classes unless they are on a long/short term medical condition. When unable to participate physically, students are then provided with an in-class activity/assignment, which correlates with the current unit they are in or given a specific topic relating to physical education.
    Preparation: All students are required to change into physical education clothes for each class and unit they have. Students are expected to wear appropriate laced up sneakers. Students can wear shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants or a sweatshirt.
    Skill Development: Each student is graded on skill development. The goal is to see every student make some form of progress with each learned skill.
    Assessment: Each student is given a formal unit assessment that needs to be completed on Schoology. A review sheet is provided and is allowed to be used to complete the assessment.


    Current Units I am Teaching:

    Due to Distance Learning, weekly assignments have been posted through schoology as a way to provide a positive and comfortable way to maintain daily physical activity. Wellness logs and fitness challenges were both posted on Sunday evenings and were due one week later.  The wellness log provides our students with the flexibility to follow the FITT principles of working out (Frequency, Intensity, Time and the Type of workout). The goal was to complete anywhere from 2-5 days of exercise. The fitness challenges were a guided exercise, where we provided both written and video descriptions of how to complete each activity. FlipGrid videos, involving various skills, were also provided. Here students had the ability to watch the FlipGrid with the option to participate if comfortable with doing so. As a department we also provided our students with information on the benefits and safety precautions of biking, hiking and water safety. This has been a learning experience for everyone and I am very impressed with how well our students adapted to the E-learning model.