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    Welcome to the 2021-'22 School Year!
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    Below are links to specific Class Handbooks and Concert Dates.
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    Welcome Back!
    Attention 8th Graders! UPDATE!
    High School Wind Ensemble auditions will be January 26th and 28th - During Band Classes.
    Audition details;
    1- 3 two octave scales - Chromatically Adjacent (ex. C,C#, D)
    2- Level 5 NYSSMA piece - excerpts of both slow and fast mvts.
    3- Chromatic Scale - Full Range
    *I will be discussing this in class, but please let me know if you have any questions!

    (6th Grade) All District Jazz Band

     6th Grade Band Handbook (Includes photo of our Concert Dress for Our Concerts!)
     8th Grade Band Handbook (Includes photo of our Concert Dress for Our Concerts!)
     2021-2022 Winter Concert Dates  
    6th Grade Band/Chamber Winds Winter Concert - December 8th
    8th Grade Band/Chamber Winds Winter Concert - November 30th 


    2022 Spring Concert Dates

    Monday, May 9 - Chamber Winds, 8th Grade Band, 7th & 8th Grade Jazz Band 

    Thursday, May 12 - 6th Grade Band



     NYSSMA 2022

    Down-County Festival TBA


    Up-County Festival TBA

    Piano Festival TBA