Ms. Miriam Freedman-Carmen
                                                                 Art/ Grade 6/ Related Arts Department
           About My Classroom                             

          The Sixth Grade Art Curriculum sets the stage for the Middle School and
    High School Art programs.Students make the transition from having art
    once a week throughout the year in Elementary school,
    to having art every day for an intense 10-week period.

          Students are challenged with a high level of critical thinking through a variety
    of projects, which are designed to introduce students to the language of the arts.
    Each project exposes students to new vocabulary, well-known artists, and new skills.
    Students assess themselves upon completion of each project and class art critiques
    are also an essential component. 
    Stories from life experiences become works of art.

      Students will….

    • understanding the language of the Arts in the creation of art.

    • create and understand the terminology of a landscape.

    • understand and recognize typography.

    • create a grey-scale.

    • learn color pencil techniques.

    • learn painting techniques

    • create Thumb-nail sketches and develop them into final sketches.

    • create multi-cultural art.

    • safely use an X-acto knife.

    • understand and use the techniques of intaglio printmaking.

    • use the language of art to reflect on their own work.

    • Will create artwork using an ipencil in the program of stetchboolPro.


     "In Art, It is not a Mistake, It is an opportunity".