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    Mr. Barney Foltman
    Physical Education Teacher/ 6,7,8 / Physical Education
    Contact Information (914)721-2628, Bfoltman@scarsdaleschools.org

    About My Classroom
    Participation: All students are required to actively participate in their physical education classes unless they have  a long/short term medical condition.
    Preparation: All students are required to change into physical eduction clothes for each class and unit they have. Students are expected to wear appropriate laced up sneakers. Students can wear shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants or a sweatshirt.
    Skill Development: Each student is graded on skill development. The goal is to see every student make some form of progress with each learned skill.


    Specific Units include: 
    • Cooperative Games    
    • Track & Field
    • Challenge Course (Team Building)    
    • Football
    • Movement    
    • Basketball
    • Fitness    
    • Field Hockey
    • Stunts & Tumbling    
    • Tennis
    • Hand-Eye    
    • Volleyball    
    • STX
    • Inline Skating    
    • Team Handball
    • Wrestling                 
    • Orienteering
    • Speed Training and Functional Fitness
    • Rugby
    • Sport Education
    • Cultural Dance

    Coaching Experience:

    Varsity Girl's Swim Coach
    Varsity Boy's Wrestling Coach
    Varsity Girl's Golf Coach
    Go Raiders!!!