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                      Think Beyond the Ordinary  Think Beyond the Ordinary

                            It is the process of making art, not the product that we produce that makes us artists.

    The ten week art program for eighth graders provides students with the opportunity to expand creative abilities and endless possibilities of what they can do when they work hard and consider new ideas. The program emphasizes drawing from observation. Students work to improve computer skills using Photoshop by creating a design for a CD. They also research and critique artists and their work.  There are special projects that vary each quarter. We sometimes create a self-portrait or look at landscapes, still life or social issues or create an illustration based on Islamic Art or explore one-point perspective in a playful illustration influenced by Surrealism. Color theory is emphasized in all that we create. One homework project is assigned on the first day of class and is expected to be completed by the last week of the quarter. Students are exposed to great artists: daVinci, Rembrandt, Klee, Kahlo, Close, Magritte, Picasso, Murray, Gaudi, Dali, Haring and others. Please take a moment to enjoy looking at the sophisticated student work displayed on the website.
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    Students should create, perform, and participate in the arts.
    Students should know how to use art materials and resources.
    Students should be able to respond to and analyze works of art.
    Students should understand the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.