• Fountain House Learning Resource Center Grades 6, 7 & 8

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    Ms. Jeanne Conlin
    LRC Teacher/ Grades 6, 7, 8 /Special Education Department
    Best: jconlin@scarsdaleschools.org.
    Other:  721-2663 ext. 4778


    Hi there! Welcome to a new school year! For many of your children, I am a familiar face at the Middle School. For the 6th graders and my new students, we will be comfortable and familiar very soon, I am sure.  I anticipate a long and successful collaboration over the next 10 months.

    Your children have homework every night in just about every subject. Some teachers do not assign homework on Fridays or before vacations but others do. The planner is an invaluable resource for you and your child. Check it at least occasionally to keep abreast of what is going on in academic classes. I, too, check planners, supervise students as they write the necessary assignments in their planners and help them plan ahead to complete their work.

    Most of your child's teachers are available for after school extra help on a consistent basis.  I am available almost every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday by appointment.   Please encourage your son or daughter to take advantage of this extra support.   Perhaps you might schedule tutors or other activities after 3:30 so your child can seek this support when necessary.

    In the LRC (Learning Resource Center), I provide academic support as well as skill development lessons. I also provide a curriculum in study skills in the LRC. Organization, time management, test taking skills and note taking skills are all part of the LRC curriculum. Over the course of their 3 years with me, students should develop the skills necessary for success as they move through their school careers. In addition, I have posted the links to several good web sites on the "General Skills" page. Check it out. It may prove helpful.

    The most efficient way to reach me is via email at: jconlin@scarsdaleschools.org.
    I check my email multiple times each day. Of course, I can also be reached by phone by calling the Fountain House office at 721-2662 and leaving a message. Due to the difficulty of reaching me during the school day, please make sure to leave a time when I can reach you when I return the call. I will make every effort to call at the specified time.

    Good luck on a new school year. I'm sure we will be communicating regularly. Thank you for the privilege of working with your children; I look forward to each day because of them.