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    Denise Cassano

    Ms. Denise Cassano
    Art teacher, 7th grade, Related Arts Department
    914 721 2600
    7th Grade Art
    Welcome to art & get ready for an exciting class! This year seventh graders will draw, paint, use technology and work in three dimensions with a ceramics unit.  One unit focuses on observational drawing where students are encouraged to accurately record their environment.  Students will also be learning how to create the illusion of depth on a flat surface by using one point perspective.  Each lesson will incorporate art history, hands on practice of skills, and a writing component.  By the end of the class students will be exposed to and have experience with new and exciting art materials and resources.
    Students will need a pencil every day, and a pocket folder that stays in the classroom.
    cat enclosures denise cassano

    Watch how SMS CHOICE students made feral cat enclosures for the Humane Society of Westchester!