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    Scarsdale Middle School

    Popham 6 Science
    Contact Popham House: (914) 721 - 2640
    E-mail: cbrowne@scarsdaleschools.org 

    Welcome to 6th grade science! Throughout this year you and I can look forward to many experiences which include but are not limited to the following - getting to know each other, sharing our science excitement and knowledge, learning the art of scientific inquiry, exploring both the known and unknown, many investigations and experiments, projects, presentations, trips, fun, and of course learning about the wonderful world of science. May our science journey begin!
    Mission Statement


    Science is a process of gathering information through precise and accurate investigation, in order to increase ones' knowledge of natural phenomenon and the unexplained. Sixth grade science introduces students to this investigatory pursuit of knowledge. It is through a process of active and authentic learning techniques that foster a students' inquiry skills, that sixth grade science will open the doors of scientific wonder and exploration to each student.
    ~ Dr. Christi Browne

    Course Outline

    The major topics of study throughout the sixth grade year will be intertwined to show the interdependence of the natural environment and laws of the physical world.

    Unit 1: 

    Scientist Training Program

                      - Process and Nature of Science and Inquiry

                          - Scientific Measurement and Equipment   

                      - Data Collection, Analysis, Extrapolation, and Application

                Water - Science Skill Development/ Progression

                   - Water physical and chemical properties; water’s ecological function

    Unit 2:

                Earth - Exploring Our Planet 

                   - Universal Gravitation and Earth in the universe; rotation, revolution and Earth’s cycles; Environmental break down; Life on earth

                Adapted for Survival - Investigating the Energy and Motion of Life

                   - Energy transfer and conservation; Adaptations, motion, and momentum (physics of flight, speed, velocity, acc.); Interaction and interdependence

    Unit 3: 

                Life Cycles On and On - Culmination of Ecology and Physics

                   - Cycles and rhythms; human ecological impact (negative and positive)

    Extra Help

    Yes, you're invited to extra help!

    - Extra help will be offered after school from 2:30pm - 3:20pm Tuesday - Thursday, except during the coaching seasons (see below)
    - Students can also meet with Dr. Browne during reading for quick check-ins, questions and clarifications  

    (During the cross-country (
    Sept. - Oct.) / track (April - May) seasons there will be no after-school extra help available. Early Morning Extra Help will be scheduled twice a week as needed at 7:30am!)
    Schoolwires is meant as an additional support to parents and students. It does not take the place of the student agenda (in which homework, assessments and projects should be recorded and checked daily) nor does it take the place of the science binder (of which students are responsible for keeping organized and up-to-date). The practice of agenda and binder keeping, are essential skills to the development of responsible and independent learners. Therefore do not rely on Schoolwires, use it as a back-up or check-up system. Thank you.    

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