• Counseling Services

    House Counselors

    Each House at Scarsdale Middle School is guided and supervised by a House Counselor, a certified school counselor who gets to know each student in that House personally and tracks individual progress over the course of three years. House Counselors fill multiple roles for parents, students, and staff, as conduits of information, resolvers of conflicts, intermediaries among constituent groups, and as the primary point of contact between home and school.  The House Counselors exemplify the school's commitment to maintaining a vital and human connection between adults and young adolescents.  They serve as models of professional and personal respect and dignity, extended to every student. They guide, counsel, re-direct, and set limits for behavior while helping students to channel their energies in productive and positive directions.
    The House Counselors understand that each year of middle school is unique and that the changes from sixth to seventh to eighth grade are profound and must guide the nature of adult interactions with students. Counselors meet with students on an ongoing basis, individually, in small groups, and informal classes or small assemblies in the House. Relevant topics such as cheating, academic responsibility, bullying, empathy, and organizational and study skills are discussed.
    School Psychologists 
    The Middle School is also fortunate to have three school psychologists on staff who meet individually with students and parents and also conduct testing for students under consideration for classification as special needs students. 
    School Social Worker
    The School Social Worker works in all four houses alongside the house counselors, school psychologists, and youth outreach workers to identify and support students' social-emotional needs.
    The Youth Services Project 
    The Youth Services Project, jointly funded by the Board of Education and the Village of Scarsdale, also provides crucial assistance to students. Currently, three full-time Youth Counselors serve the Middle School. Youth Counselors meet individually with students and also in groups centered on specific themes such as friendship, divorce, family illness, or behavioral management. They offer parent support groups and serve as advisors for two after-school clubs: Young Women in Leadership and Young Men in Leadership.