•  Scarsdale High School Parent-Teacher Conferences 

    Dear Parents,

    Each year, our Parent-Teacher Conference nights are some of the most highly anticipated events on the school calendar. Since large gatherings are currently not permitted, the experience has had to be reimagined as a fully virtual event that will take place as “Virtual Parent-Teacher Night” on October 14, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. Teachers will host 10-minute webinars on Zoom for each class, in which they will discuss curriculum and class protocols, with the last couple of minutes reserved for parent questions. The “bell schedule” for the evening is included at the bottom of this message. 

    In working with the PTA’s Parent-Teacher Conference Committee, it became clear that parents appreciate three aspects of our traditional event. First, the night provides an opportunity to put a face with a name so parents feel like they know the teachers when speaking with their children. Parents can also learn about classes and get a sense of what their children will be learning during the upcoming year. Finally, and perhaps the most important outcome of the typical two-minute meeting, parents learn about their child’s performance to date and walk away feeling as though the teacher knows the student as an individual. 

    Our goal was to design an alternate experience that yielded these same outcomes through a completely different format. Teachers will discuss curriculum and class protocols during the webinars, including how class will be organized given the unique challenges we face.  Parents will be able to submit questions through the Q&A feature of the Zoom webinar format, and teachers will address as many of these questions as time allows at the end of their presentations.  These webinars will be supplemented with a Summary of Student Progress which will be made available to parents through the Infinite Campus Backpack on October 19, as a way to provide individual feedback which a webinar cannot offer. 

    Please note, parents of children who receive support through our Learning Resource Center will be invited to individual Zoom sessions at a separate time and can expect more information to come from the Special Education Department in the coming days. The other exception to the schedule is that all Physical Education webinars will be held between periods 5 and 6; unfortunately, we cannot generate schedules which reflect that, so you should make note to attend this additional period.

    You will receive a schedule of teacher webinars to attend through Campus Parent Portal. Detailed instructions on how to access your schedule will be emailed by the end of day on October 9.  This schedule will indicate the teachers and classes that will have webinars for you.  The actual links for the webinars will be sent directly from your child’s teachers no later than Tuesday, October 13, at 5:00 p.m. If you have not received a link by that time, please email the teacher directly. For technical assistance or for help accessing schedules on the night of the event, parents should email PTChelp@scarsdaleschools.org.

    This format is a temporary solution given the extraordinary challenges we face this year, and I appreciate the work of the Committee in creating this event. Please allow me also to thank you in advance for helping make the experience a productive one. 

    All best wishes,
    Kenneth Bonamo

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