•  Dear Parents and Seniors,

    We are now calling for ads for the 2018 yearbook. Because the number of submitted ads has drastically increased, we must place some limitations on ad submissions. We are no longer accepting full-page ads.


    HALF PAGE – Color (8x5.25 inches, horizontal) $370

    HALF PAGE – Black and White (8x5.25 inches, horizontal) $295

    QUARTER PAGE- Color (3.75x5.25 inches, vertical) $245

    QUARTER PAGE- Black and White (3.75x5.25 inches, vertical) $170

    See Sample Ad Page


    • All ads submitted must be exactly how you want it to be in the yearbook SO THE SIZE MUST BE EXACT. You can submit your ad as a hard copy version (on a piece of paper) or save as a Jpeg on a disc or flashdrive. Please check to make sure that you actually copied your ad onto the disc or drive.
    • All copy that is printed on ads must be typed (NO SMALLER THAN 14 POINT FONT). Word limit is 25 words per ad.
    • Ads may NOT contain any questionable material including references to alcohol, sex and drugs.
    • Ads may NOT contain any INITIALS or ABBREVIATIONS.
    • Please do not include a border around the ads. A border will be placed by the yearbook staff.
    • If ads are submitted with questionable references, we will return your ad without a refund. You will have the option of revising the ad and resubmitting with an additional charge of $25. There will be no exceptions.
    • ADS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH AN ACCOMPANYING CHECK (Payable to Scarsdale UFSD) BY 9/25/17 by 3:00. Please submit ads to Sue Silver or Stacey Dawes in a manila envelope with your name, homeroom, and contact phone number printed clearly on the outside to their mailboxes in the General Office or to homeroom 2N4.


    In the past, we have spent hours reviewing and editing ads, returning them and reviewing them again. We have also spent hours arguing with students about ads that show a clear lack of taste. We will not spend time doing this any longer. Please remember that this yearbook is a PUBLIC DOCUMENT. It is not the appropriate vehicle for communicating private jokes.

    We are confident that these new guidelines will result in a yearbook that we can all be proud of. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sue Silver (721-2473) or Stacey Dawes (721-2559).

    Unfortunately, we are unable to return photographs or ads submitted.