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    The most frequently asked questions about the yearbook, Bandersnatch, are listed below. Additional information regarding the high school yearbook can be found by clicking on one of the tabs to your left. If your question has not been answered by any of the resources here, please email our advisers: Stacey Dawes at sdawes@scarsdaleschools.org or Kristin Oliverio at koliverio@scarsdaleschools.org


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. When and where does yearbook meet?
    A. Yearbook meets every Wednesday on Zoom at 4 PM. If you are interested in joining yearbook, please email Stacey Dawes sdawes@scarsdaleschools.org or Kristin Oliverio koliverio@scarsdaleschools.org for link information.



    Q. Where can I purchase a SHS Yearbook?
    A. Buy your Yearbook online at YEARBOOK ORDER CENTER


    Q. When are Senior Ads due?

    A.  Senior Ads are due Tuesday, November 3rd by midnight.

         Ads will be accepted from November 4th to November 17th with a $25 late fee.

         November 17th is the LAST OPPORTUNITY to purchase the senior ad.


    Q. How can I purchase a Senior Ad? 
    A.  Yearbook Ads are no longer on sale.


    Q. How do I create a Senior Ad?

    A. Our school order number is 4750. Ads are no longer on sale.


    Q. How and when do I take my senior picture?

    A. Senior pictures are done by appointment and have been scheduled for each student by Prestige Portraits, a division of Lifetouch, our school's photography company. You should have received a mailing with your confirmation code and specific appointment information. If you have not or if you need to reschedule, please call 800 426-9533.

    If you have the confirmation code, you can click here to schedule the appointment online.


    Q. When is my senior pose (pictures taken by Prestige Studios only) due and how can I submit it?

    A. The senior pose is due NO LATER than February 4th.  Students will use their "Sitsession" receipt to select their pose online.


    Q. How do I submit a senior picture not taken by Prestige Studio?

    A. Please save the image at the highest resolution (300 dpi) and email the photo to BOTH Kristin Olivero Kristin Oliverio koliverio@scarsdaleschools.org and Stacey Dawes sdawes@scarsdaleschools.org NO LATER than January 26th.


    Q.  What are the requirements for my senior picture?

    A.  Select the pose that is a vertical shot. Your head and shoulders are the only body parts that can appear and the background selection must be Moonlight Blue. Be certain the picture does not show your hands and you are not wearing a hat.


    Q. How and when are Senior Freshman & Senior Twin/Multiples Pictures due?

    A. Pictures can be submitted clicking this link. Once on the site, select "Use eShare." Follow the instructions to submit your photo. Please indicate the type of picture you are submitting. Pictures are due December 2, 2020 by midnight

    A Senior Freshman photo is a picture with a senior and his/her freshman sibling(s).

    A Senior Twin Picture is a picture with seniors who are twins or multiples.

    Please note: pictures with other families cannot be included in the 2021 yearbook.


    Q. How do I submit my senior quote and when is it due?

    A. No longer accepting submissions.


    Q. How do I submit baby picture and when is it due?

    A. Baby pictures are due Tuesday, Febuary 2. Please follow these instructions:

    - Upload ONE baby picture  .
    - Click "Share Images"
    - Click "Yes, take me to eShare"
    - Fill out contact information
    - "Click here to upload a student portrait"
    - Browse for Portrait Image
    - Crop
    - Select "Baby Pictures" for grade
    - Enter First and Last Name
    - Upload Portrait Image


    Q. What is and how do I submit a "throwback" picture of a senior or senior group?
    A.  A "throwback" picture is a photo of a senior or group of seniors from their elementary or middle school years. Throwback pictures are due March 1st.
    Q. How can I submit a picture of m