• Welcome to the site for Bandersnatch 2019

    The most frequently asked questions about the yearbook, Bandersnatch, are listed below. Additional information regarding the high school yearbook can be found by clicking on one of the tabs to your left. If your question has not been answered by any of the resources here, please email our advisers: Stacey Dawes at sdawes@scarsdaleschools.org or Kristin Oliverio at Koliverio@scarsdaleschools.org


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. When and where does yearbook meet?
    A. Yearbook meets every Wednesday in room 354.


    Q. Where can I purchase a SHS Yearbook?
    A. Buy your Yearbook online at YEARBOOK ORDER CENTER.  Our school order number is 4750.


    Q. When are Senior Ads due?
    A.  Senior Ads are due September 24th by midnight; however, ads can be submitted after this date until 
         October 16th with a $25 late fee.
    Q. How can I purchase a Senior Ad? 
    A.  Buy your Senior Ad at YEARBOOK ORDER CENTER.  Our school order number is 4750.
    Q. How do I create a Senior Ad?
    A.  Our school order number is 4750. You need this number to create your ad. Click        to learn how to 
          make your Senior Ad.
    Q. When is my senior pose due and how can I submit it?
    A. Your senior pose will be due December 12th. You will recieve information with your proofs about how to submit your pose.  The link will be made available here mid September.
    Q.  What are the requirements for my senior picture?
    A.  Select the pose that is a vertical shot. Your  head and shoulders are the only body parts that can
          appear and the background selection must be Moonlight Blue. Be certain the picture does not show            your hands, you are not wearing a hat and your head is not tilted.
    Q. How do I submit my senior quote and when is it due?
    A. Quotes will be submitted on line.  The website will be made available in late November.  Quotes will
         be due December 17th
    Q. Will there be a "Now & Then" section in the 2019 yearbook?
    A. As of now the 2019 yearbook will have a section for "Now & Then" photos.  Students are asked to   
        submit their photos to bandersnatch@scarsdaleschools.org by February 15 st
    Q. How do I access the Senior Superlative form and when can I vote?
    A. Click on Senior Superlatives to cast your vote.  The voting window is open from March 7th to March 18th.