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    2023 School Government
    President:  Natasha Pereira
    Vice Presidents:  Bora Secmen, Vanessa Thurman
    Secretaries:  Carolyn Chen, Ariana Koenig
    Treasurer:  Jai Paradkar
    Underclass Rep:  Esha Mehta

    Class of 2023

    President:  Mihir Barlinge

    Vice President:  Isabelle Goldban

    Secretaries:  Hana Pitchon, Juliet Schneider

    Treasurers:  Anna Feldstein, Ali Schwartz

    Class Representatives:  Sophia Garcia, Simone Glajchen, Taylor Levin

    Class of 2024

    President:  David Duan

    Vice President:  Peter Silver

    Secretary:  Carolyn Chen

    Treasurer:  Rhett Needleman

    Class Representatives:  Ben Fromme, Sydney Geringer, Thomas Kronenberg, Bora Secmen

    Class of 2025

    President:  Daniyal Naeem

    Vice Presidents:  Matan Davies, Lilly Tessler

    Secretary:  Arielle Pitchon

    Treasurer:  Hannah Wasserman

    Class Representatives:  Kamila El Moselhy, Amelia Fader, Mason Levy, Jai Paradkar, Josh Potters

    Class of 2026

    President:  Anish Mehta

    Vice President:  Esha Mehta

    Secretary:  Cameron Hersly

    Treasurer:  Gavin Tieng

    Class Representatives:  Colin Brennan, Gabriel Green, Natalie Nudelman, Zachary Weinberg

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    -Check regularly for important announcements.
    -Visit the calendar for upcoming events. 
    -Learn about club information.
    -Take a look at your class government section.

    Feel free to come to the School Government's homeroom (361) if you have questions or comments.

    Any Questions or Concerns should be sent to shsgovernment@scarsdaleschools.org