Great news!  We are excited to continue bringing you weekly videos as we begin the 2020-2021 school year.  Stay tuned for new highlights, games, and guest appearances.  Think of it as homeroom announcements meet posters hanging in the hallways!  Please come to the School Government homepage each week to see the latest, and if you have an announcement you want to include, please email lbarton@scarsdaleschools, bsawyer@scarsdaleschools, and shsgovernment@gmail.com by Thursday of the week prior to when you want the announcement.
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    2020 School Government:
    President:  Michael Waxman
    Vice President:  Simran Ruta
    Secretary:  Rishika Bansal and Varun Bansal
    Treasurer:  Patrick Kantor
    Underclass Rep:  Anaise Azambuya-Skoupy
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    -Check regularly for important announcements.
    -Visit the calendar for upcoming events. 
    -Learn about club information.
    -Take a look at your class government section.

    Feel free to come to the School Government's homeroom (361) if you have questions or comments.
    Any Questions or Concerns should be sent to  shsgovernment@gmail.com