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    Maria DeAngelis
    Art Teacher
    office: 914 721-2578

     Sculpture I, Sculpture II, Ceramics I, Ceramics II, Advanced Topics in 3D Studio,
     Studio: Rm: 215      Office: Rm: 215 through the studio on the far right
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    What I Teach:
    I am advisor to: National Art Honor Society and Club Clay. Both clubs are community service oriented. 

    About My Classroom
    All courses are standards based,  emphasizing studio hands-on experience,AND INCLUDE art history, art criticism and an understanding of art of other cultures. Sketchbooks are required, homework is given and the course culminates with a final exam. When applicable, field trips are taken to enhance the classroom experience.
    These are the courses  I teach with a short description of each. Please refer to the next page for a more detailed description of each course outline.

    Sculpture I: Assignments are based on representation  and abstraction. Projects include additive and subtractive techniques.  Several different media are explored: metal wire, clay, plaster, glass 

    Sculpture II:   Assignments are based on previously learned skills and knowledge from Sculpture I.  Projects include wire studies of the human figure, clay modelling based on portrait busts, abstract constructions, and an exploration of heat techniques such as flameworking glass and welding steel.

    Ceramics I:  Assignments are based on a developing knowledge and skill base in the handbuilding techniques of coil, pinch an slab. Basic wheel throwing skills will be taught as well as traditional and contemporary glaze and underglazing techniques. 
    Ceramics II:  Assignments are based on previously learned skills and knowledge from Ceramics I.  Projects include more advanced techniques on the potter's wheel - lids, spouts, plates.  Projects are assigned with more artistic exploration of choosing and combining techniques. 
    Advanced Topics in Studio Art in 3D Design:  This course is a culminating experience in the 3D arts of sculpture and ceramics. There is a selection process and requirements of prerequisite courses and experiences, and a portfolio submission. The class meets 6 times per week, allowing for at least one double period of studio engagement.  Assignments provide opportunities to engage in formal design studies, expression of ideas and attitudes about the world around us, a self guided concentration of an area of interest, collaboration on an installation project and portfolio development for college art admissions.