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    Margaret Favretti
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    Welcome to Ms. Favretti's page! 
    All of my classes share one goal: to help you to learn how to make sense out of your world and to figure out how you can best participate in it.  In order to do that, you will learn about how you think, how to work together, and how to solve big problems.  We will use history to make sense of the present, and the present to teach us to ask useful questions about our past.  Enjoy!
    One thing about my Schoolwires page. My ongoing assignments are not here.  They are in your google classroom page. That said, I believe very much in teaching students to be responsible by asking you to pay attention while we are discussing new assignments in class, and to write down in your own calendar what is expected of you.  If you have a question about an assignment, I would like to see you in my office (2N3) or, at least, you can send me an email before 8pm.  If you are absent you can email me for any class news or new assignments.