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    Mrs. Stephanie Schettini
    Butler 8 Science
    Contact Information: sschettini@scarsdaleschools.org
    House Office: 914-721-2620
    Office Hours: Tue, Wed & Thu (2:36 - 3:25pm)
    Mrs. Schettini

    Course Description:


    This science course aims to develop your abilities as readers, writers, and thinkers. This year, we will be exploring topics in chemistry, astronomy and earth science. We will use a variety of resources throughout the year, including non-fiction books, articles, internet resources, videos, and experiments/ investigations to help further your understanding. The goal of this class is not just to memorize information but to prepare you for high school and beyond by developing strong inquiry, analysis, and communication skills. I look forward to spending this year watching you all grow as scientists!


    Units of Study:


    1. Properties of Matter and Chemical Reactions

    2. Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation

    3. Astronomy

    4. Weather and Climate

    5. History of Earth

    6. Earth’s Systems



    Thank you for all the work that you already do to support your child academically and emotionally. You are an essential part of our school community and I look forward to meeting you. I appreciate and welcome your support of our classroom expectations, procedure and culture.


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