During this year your child will advance his/her study of the Spanish language.  Listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar skills will be improved upon and advanced.  The classroom will maintain a communicative emphasis:  students will be required to use Spanish at all times during the class period.  Proficiency in a second language can only be attained through constant usage and practice.  I urge you to encourage your child to exercise his/her Spanish speaking skills whenever possible, outside of the academic setting.  Please support your child by promoting practice in natural settings and remind him/her that no one is counting mistakes!


    I will be available for extra help.  I suggest that your child let me know in advance when s/he plans on stopping in.  Additionally, tutors are available by appointment in the World Language Center; often, just a session or two can place students on a more productive path.


    I look forward to an enjoyable and successful academic year.  I welcome all communication from you regarding any aspect of your child’s performance.  Please feel free to contact me at the high school at 721-2400 X5729, jtanen@scarsdaleschools.org.