• Welcome to Design and Fabrication!





    What is Design and Fabrication all about?

    Have you ever looked at an object, such as a comfortable chair or an iPhone, and thought: How did they design that?


    chair                             iphone 6


    When we look into any well-designed item, we see a delicate balance between functionality, aesthetics, and most importantly- a deep connection with their users. 




    This introductory course explores how to design menaingful products and takes students through the process of ideation to fabrication.


    What skills and knowledge will I gain by taking this course?

    We will learn and practice many different skills in this class. The list below are some of the few:

    • Interviewing others to gain insight on user needs

    • Observing how people interact with technology and their environment in order to look for design opportunities

    • Creating and building prototypes of design solutions through many different tools and materials. This includes wood working, 3D modeling/ printing, and laser cutting.

    • Collaborating on projects to communicate and share ideas, give one another insight, and work to create a meaningful product together