• Jodi Giroux

    Technology 7

    SMS Room T18



    Bring your iPad to class every day! We will likely usely the iPad for a quick starting or ending activity, and possibly during class. You will use the iPad to take photos and/or videos of your project and to add posts to your blog.


     Day 1:

    1. Complete Interest Survey

    2. Access your blog (the address would be https://blogs.scarsdaleschools.org/flast25). Take a quick look at what you wrote in Tech 6. Take a few moments to update or refresh your profile and then begin a new folder/section for Tech 7 in this same blog. For your first post:

    Have you ever built anything? What was it? Where did the idea come from? Did you work alone or with someone else? What tools and materials did you use? What did you do with it once it was built? 

    For homework, take a photo of the object you built (if you have it at your house!) and add it to the blog post.