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    Direct Lines to the School

    School Office  - 721-2720/2721

    Nurse  - 721-2724/2725

    Fax  - 721-2730

    Extensions through the Switchboard 721-2400

    Principal  - 2720

    Assistant Principal  - 2732

    School Office  - 2720/2721

    Nurse  - 2724

    Librarian  - 2728

    Psychologist  - 2726

    Custodian  - 2729

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    Radio Station WFAS 1230-AM

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    Mission Statement

    The Scarsdale Public Schools seek to sponsor each student’s full development, enabling our youth to be effective and independent contributors in a democratic society and an interdependent world.

    To this end, we endeavor to help them to think and express themselves clearly, critically and creatively; to understand themselves and others within the broad fabric of human experience and the natural universe; to appreciate their rights and responsibilities as citizens; and to become people of integrity, maturity and generous spirit.

    A measure of our success is the degree to which they fulfill their potential for the common good non sibi – not for themselves alone.

    Valuing our individuality, we unite to keep the flame of learning.

                                                Scarsdale Public Schools

                                                Scarsdale, New York

    General School Information


    Fox Meadow Elementary School is set on an eleven-acre piece of land that was once a Colonial farm. It first opened its doors to students on December 7, 1928. A wing for primary classes was added in 1958. A playground on the hilltop adjacent to the wing was designed in 1980 and constructed as a joint project of PTA and the Board of Education. During the 1991-92 school year, a renovation was undertaken to enlarge the Multipurpose Room and Library. Construction of a new wing with ten classrooms and an additional multi-purpose room was completed in the fall of 2000.

    6 Day Rotation Schedule

    Fox Meadow and the other Scarsdale elementary schools will be using a six-day cycle for scheduling for many reasons, mostly to create larger blocks of uninterrupted instructional time for students and teachers. Each day in the rotation will be assigned a letter, A-F, which will be noted on the Community Calendar and in PTA emails. Specials, such as art, library, music and physical education will occur on certain “letter” days instead of on a particular day of the week.

    For Medical Emergency or Illness

    When a child is injured, the school nurse will administer all possible first aid and call the parent/guardian. An ill or injured child is never dismissed from school until the home has been notified first so that provision to transport the child may be made by the parents or someone they have properly designated.

    Extended Vacations

    From time to time, families ask permission to extend a vacation or leave early for a vacation. These absences are NOT excused, and work will not be sent home. Teachers and students find these decisions by parents to be disruptive to instruction and can impact educational progress if repeated. While we recognize that many families have extended family overseas and that “once in a lifetime” situations arise, we strongly discourage the extension of long weekends and vacations.

    Early Dismissal/Closure Plan For Bad Weather

    The Board of Education has instituted early dismissal procedures only to be used in the unusual circumstance of notice of a severe storm that was not forecast early enough to close school for the day. This decision will be made by 10:30 a.m. with bus departure scheduled for 12:00 p.m. Parents who wish may pick up their child earlier, but must sign out their child at the security desk. The Elementary Early Dismissal Procedure Plan includes a direct phone contact with every family K-6. In the rare instance when a parent cannot be reached by phone, an Early Dismissal Designee will be contacted. In the event that a student is left behind at the school, volunteers will stay until the child is transported home.

    Inclement Weather Information

    The decision to close or delay school opening because of severe weather conditions is announced on radio station WFAS (1230 on the radio dial) beginning at 7:00 a.m. and on cable TV Channel 77 (Scarsdale School News) from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. The Board of Education (721-2400) will advise through a recorded announcement, the district website and through email.

    Absence from School

    When a child is going to be absent from school because of illness or other reasons, parents are requested to enter the absence into School Dismissal Manager before the start of the school day. If you need to speak with the Health Office, the direct telephone numbers are 721-2724 and 721-2725. Failure to do so means that the nurse must call home, as all absences must be accounted for. If a child has a communicable disease, it must be reported to the nurse so that parents of children who have been exposed may be notified.


    Lunch Program

    Details can be found on the District website.


    Recess for grades K-2 is held in 20-minute modules planned by grade level Monday through Friday. Grade 3-5 will have recess as needed depending on the special schedule. The grade level teachers supervise the recess times on a planned schedule.

    In the case of inclement weather, extreme cold, or unsatisfactory playground conditions, i.e., very large puddles, newly fallen snow not yet plowed, etc., the office will cancel or shorten recess for all grades. Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor activity or they will not be allowed outdoors (Temperatures below 20 F (“Realfeel”) and/or sustained winds above 35 mph will always trigger indoor recess).

    Health Examinations

    The New York State Department of Education requires that all children entering for the first time and those in grades 1, 3, 7 and 10 have a health examination. This examination will be done by the school doctor unless the child submits by October 1 a report of an examination signed by his or her own physician. All children new to the district must submit a current physical report. A yearly check-up and frequent eye examinations are strongly recommended for every child.

    Changes in Student Information

    If there is any change in student information, edits can be made in the parent portal. If a parent needs assistance, please call the main office. Student information may include:

    1. Address or phone or cell number
    2. Family status
    3. Business number
    4. Doctor
    5. Emergency number to call if you cannot be reached. If parents will be away from the home for an extended period of time, the classroom teacher should be notified about who will be in charge of the children during their absence.
    6. Please inform school personnel, teacher, nurse, psychologist or principal of any changes in family pattern that may affect the student at school. Confidentiality is respected while support can be given to the child.

    Protecting Instructional Time

    The time each teacher spends with his/her class is valuable and necessary for learning. Interruptions to that time limit the amount of and quality of instruction that can be provided to the group. Messages for teachers or students should be communicated through the office. Each teacher will establish at open house the preferred means of communicating with the teacher.

    To minimize classroom disruptions and maximize instructional time, parents are not permitted to visit the classroom during school hours. Please send your child's teacher an email to share any questions or concerns.

    Telephone Messages

    Telephones in the school office are reserved for official business and emergency child/parent, parent/child calls. Students are not permitted to make calls from the office except in emergencies. Social arrangements should be made beforehand. Please review this procedure with your child. Classroom learning activities are not disrupted unnecessarily.

    Items Forgotten at Home

    In order to avoid disruption in the classroom where learning is taking place, we discourage drop-offs. We will always provide students with what they need if an item is forgotten at home. Of course, exceptions are made if a child needs glasses or anything for medical reasons.

    Student Cell Phones and Smart Watches

    Students’ use of cell phones/smart watches is not permitted in school or on school buses. If a parent must communicate with his or her child before they are off the bus, the parent should call the main office. If a child has a cellular phone/smart watch because a parent would like to communicate with the child after school, the cellular phone and/or smart watch should be out of sight during school hours. These items may be kept in the child's backpack or locker. The school is not responsible for any theft or loss of cell phones and/or smart watches brought to school.

    If a student’s cell phone and/or smart watch are visible and not put away, the items will be held in the office for parents to claim. If a parent gives a child permission to carry a cell phone and/or smart watch to school, the cell phone should be turned off during school hours and stored in a backpack or locker. 

    We recognize that in certain cases, students use smart watches and cell phones to register vital health information (e.g., tracking blood sugar levels). If that is the case with your child, please communicate with the school nurse. The nurse will review your needs and notify all necessary school personnel to ensure your child may use their phone and smartwatch without interruption. 

    Gum is not permitted

    Please be aware that gum chewing during the school day is not permitted.

    Visitation Policy

    The Scarsdale Schools have always tried to promote positive relations and understanding between the professional staff and the community. These relations have been fostered by encouraging parents to visit the schools during Open House, to take part in PTA programs, and to meet with teachers at individually scheduled conferences to discuss their child’s educational progress. School personnel also make every effort to acquaint new or potential students with the school and school programs through school tours and other means of orientation.

    Parents and others, however, sometimes express a desire to visit schools and classrooms when instruction is in progress. To accommodate them without compromising the educational program or safety of the children, certain guidelines are necessary:

    1. Fox Meadow parents are invited to school to share in school activities; e.g., student plays, assemblies, concerts, and other times when students present their work and talent to an audience.  Teachers will remain on the alert for activities that parents might wish to observe.
    2. Fox Meadow parents are invited to school to share their knowledge and talent with our students; e.g., “Learning to Look” program, kindergarten workshops, library volunteers, PTA activities, trip chaperones, and other special programs.

    All visitors are asked to sign-in at the office and pick up a visitor’s pass through our School Safety Monitor at the Main Entrance. The visitor’s pass must be visibly applied to the visitor’s clothes.

    All visitors must enter through the main entrance. Upon arrival, they must ring for the Safety Monitor, who will ask visitors to identify themselves before they are allowed in the building. The policy of the Board of Education is that visitors, including former students, report to the Safety Monitor. Visitors will be asked to produce some form of government issued identification (such as a driver's license) sign-in, and be given a visitor's pass that they must wear prominently, without exception, so that it is visible during their time on school property. If you are a parent who wishes to see his/her child's teacher or other school personnel, whenever possible, we ask that you please arrange a set meeting day and time before coming to school to ensure availability. 

    No Dogs on School Property

    A village ordinance prohibits leashed or unleashed dogs on school grounds at all times. Signs are prominently posted to inform residents of this fact. No animals are permitted within the school building under any circumstances.



    Homework is out-of-class tasks assigned to students as an extension or elaboration of classroom work. There are three types of homework: preparation, practice and extension. The amount of homework assigned takes into account the child’s age and the needs of growing children, such as outdoor play and exercise, social and family recreation, pursuit of hobbies, and so forth. As a rule, no formal homework is assigned in kindergarten and 1st grades.

    In addition, all children are encouraged to read or be read to for approximately 30 minutes each evening. In general, homework is not assigned over vacation periods. However, assignments that are appropriate during vacation time include reading, research projects, and keeping a journal. We hope that parents will provide the time and place for concentrated study and will express interest in schoolwork.

    Homework for Prolonged Illness

    In general, teachers prefer to help bring a child up-to-date with the class work upon his/her return to school. However, after a three-day absence, a parent may call the school office before noon and the assignment will be ready at 3:15 p.m.

    Conferences and Reports

    The Fox Meadow staff makes every effort to maintain close contact with the home. This is accomplished in a number of different ways.

    Parents of kindergarten, first and second grade children meet with their child’s teacher at least twice a year at regularly scheduled conference appointments. Parents of third, fourth and fifth grade children confer with their child’s teacher before the winter recess at a scheduled conference. Three written progress reports are sent to parents annually.

    Special dates are set aside for parent-teacher conferences in December and March. Consult the school calendar for specific dates. Families will have an opportunity to sign up for a conference time through PTC Wizard.

    In addition, all classroom teachers schedule parent conferences as needed throughout the school year. The staff is available when special needs arise. Should you wish to speak with a teacher, call the school office, 721-2720, and your message will be given to the teacher, who will return your call as soon as possible. The principal, assistant principal, and the school psychologist are available by appointment also.


    Communications to Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents

    Both custodial and non-custodial parents are entitled to full access to their children’s school records. Non-custodial parents may also request written communications such as report cards of parent-teacher conferences. Address any inquiries to the principal.


    Bicycle Regulations

    For safety reasons, the school does not permit children below the third grade to ride bicycles to school. Use of bike helmets is a New York State Law. There are bicycle racks at three separate areas at Fox Meadow School, and the children are advised to lock their bikes to the racks outside school. Once at school, children must lock their bikes and may not ride them in the playground during arrival and dismissal.


    Bus Information

    Transportation will be provided at district expense to all children in grades K-12 within the district whose homes are 1.5 or more miles distant from the school within the district they legally attend. The Board of Education “Fox Bus” will be available to all eligible students for the opening and closing of school. The Fox Meadow Community Bus Association is a private organization that arranges bus services for children who are not eligible for district transportation.

    Building Level Emergency Response & Safety Team

    The Fox Meadow Building Level Emergency Response and Safety Team includes the principal, assistant principal, psychologist, school secretary, head custodian, school nurse, PTA president, police officer, and representatives from the faculty. The committee formulated a plan of action to manage and address emergency situations. All members of the team have received training and are prepared to assume the responsibilities associated with maintaining a safe school environment. The team meets regularly to review and update emergency plans and procedures.


    Field trips are planned to enrich the curriculum. An approval slip is sent home for the parent’s signature before each trip. Preschool siblings are not allowed on school trips.

    The Superintendent may authorize principals to arrange trips for pupils under school supervision using public transportation facilities.  

    Authorization by the principal may be given to use private transportation in automobiles driven by responsible adults provided written permission from the parents of children concerned is obtained for the specific trip. Sec. 9.06 - Trips by children Rules and Regulations of the Board of Education. Early pick up from any trip is discouraged but may be arranged with the permission of the principal with advanced notice of special circumstances. Requests will be considered based on the ability of the chaperones to supervise the dismissal without any disruption to the rest of the trip. Requests are not always granted.

    School Performances

    Students participate in a wide variety of school performances. All performances are held during the school day; selective performances are presented again in the evening. Guests should observe the following protocol:

    Families are asked to sit together, so that children and young friends remain under the supervision of their parents.

    Picture taking should be as unobtrusive as possible. Videotaping is permitted only with prior permission of the school office.

    Flowers or other gifts may not be presented to individual students inside the school.

    District Gift Policy

    “It is recognized that students and parents, on special occasions, may wish to give small gifts of appreciation (either homemade or of very small monetary value). However, individual gifts valued at more than $15.00 or gifts of cash are not appropriate. Collective gifts for coaches or District employees for special occasions should not exceed $10 per individual” …  “It is against school policy for parents or students to make substantial gifts to District employees.”

    Lost and Found

    All articles found in school are displayed in an open closet area on the lower level. Small fragile items such as glasses and jewelry are placed in the school office. Parents are urged to mark all outer clothing, sneakers, etc. for ready identification and to check the Lost and Found area regularly. At the end of the school year, unclaimed articles will be donated to charity.

    Acceptable Use Policy

    The Scarsdale Union Free School District makes Internet and network technology available to enhance student learning and to educate students to use this technology ethically.

    A condition of Internet access and network use is that students, parents, and employees agree to follow certain regulations. These regulations aim to protect the welfare of students and to protect against equipment and software misuse. The District requires prospective Internet and network users to read and affirm the regulations by signing their acceptance of the obligations described therein. The District has the right to withdraw Internet or network privileges if a prospective user refuses to agree to these obligations or a user fails to comply with them. If a student or family forfeits privileges, the District will, insofar as feasible, make appropriate resources available to meet student course obligations.

    A copy of these regulations is available in the school office and on the District website.

    The Compact For Learning

    The Compact For Learning team at Fox Meadow School is a site-based management team with shared decision-making between parents and the school. The team members meet regularly throughout the year to explore and make decisions on issues that are related to improving student learning and achievement.