• Welcome to Math 7!

    Mrs. Ferreira  

    E-mail: fferreira@scarsdaleschools.org

     This year in math we will expand upon the knowledge you learned in 6th grade to discover new relationships and ways to solve problems. We will make observations on the world around us to analye data in new ways, we will make generalizations about patterns in society, and we will make discoveries about common mathematical practices. 


    This year we will study...


    Real Numbers

    Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

    Ratio, Proportion and Percent

    Probability & Statistics

    Plane Geometry

    Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, & Volume


    Supplies you need...


    Math/Science Binder

    Writing Utensils (pencils for tests and quizzes)

    Scientific Calculator (Casio brand or others)