J.Fass- Still Life
  • Grading Policy 

    50 % of your grade is based on your projects; projects are graded on a scaled rubric based on craftsmanship, technique and when applicable content

    40 % of your grade is based on your daily participation (refer to rubric below)

    10% of your grade is based on the one long term homework assignment given on day 2 







    Assigned classwork

    Completed all classwork

    Completed most classwork

    Completed some classwork

    Did not complete classwork

    Independent work

    Worked diligently the ENTIRE period. Evidence of progression in artwork.

    Worked diligently for MOST of the period. Some evidence of progression of artwork.

    Off task multiple times during class. Needed reminders. Little to some progression of artwork.

    Off task throughout the class. Needed multiple reminders to stay on task. No progression of artwork.

  •    Ms. Jessica Fass     

    Art/ Grade 8/ Related Arts Department



    About My Studio

    In my art studio, students learn about the elements of art and principles of design through the use of many different mediums and techniques such as book making, drawing, painting, and digital art. We will draw inspriation from the masters, ancient art, and contemporary artists.  My studio is a space of respect and rapport, where all students feel safe to challenge themselves to be creative while also having fun. 






    Come into class and go to your assigned seat

    Start warm up if there is one


    Stay in your seat throughout class

    Raise your hand if you need to get up or need something

    Refrain from socializing at other tables

    Use inside voices


    Always clean up your area before leaving the room

    Make sure your name is on your artwork and put in the right drying rack


    **Extra Studio Time is on Thursdays after school until 3:30pm and Tuesdays/Wednesdays during lunch

    If you would like to stay after school on Tuesday or Wednesday please let Ms. Fass know in advance so she can be available for you