J.Fass- Still Life
  • Grading Policy 

    50 % of your grade is based on your projects; projects are graded on a scaled rubric based on craftsmanship, technique and when applicable content

    40 % of your grade is based on your daily participation

    10% of your grade is based on the one long term homework assignment given on day 2 


  •    Ms. Jessica Fass     

    Art/ Grade 8/ Related Arts Department



    About 8th Grade Art

    In my art studio, students learn about the elements of art and principles of design through the use of many different mediums and techniques such as book making, drawing, painting, and digital art. We will draw inspriation from the masters, ancient art, and contemporary artists.  My studio is a space of respect and rapport, where all students feel safe to challenge themselves to be creative while also having fun. 


    Students will:

    • develop a range of ideas through preliminary studies to provide insight for final projects

    • use the elements and principles of art to create art

    • practice painting techniques using a variety of color theories

    • reflect on their own art

    • describe their work process using correct art vocabulary

    • express an understanding of a work of art through guided questioning

    • know how to use basic Photoshop interface skills


    • make choices about the art they create, how they work and how they use their time





    **Extra Studio Time is Tuesday- Thursday after school until 3:30pm and during lunch with advance notice