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    Aaron Ginsburg 

    Mathematics Teacher / 9-12 

    Contact Me @: 914-721-2500 Ext. 3633



    Class Information

    Hello! Please be aware that the class website is on Google Classroom.

    If you are a student, you can enroll on Google Classroom using the class code I issued at the start of the school year (and if you do not have the class code, just ask!).

    On the class website, you will find useful information to assist you throughout the course.


    Course Syllabus

    Math 412 Algebra I Course Syllabus

    Math 442 Trigonometry and Precalculus Course Syllabus 


    General Assignment Discussion

    Our Google Classroom is the main resource to stay up-to-date on our assignments. However, please understand that what is posted in the classroom does not override announcements, assignments, and homework stated during class. There may be circumstances that do not allow me to update the website immediately. If this is the case, please reach out for clarification.


    Extra Help (Room 218)

    A few minutes to gain confidence or clarification can be worth it. 

    Check your schedule of free periods, view my schedule for tutorial times, and join in!
    My tutorial periods are on my schedule posted right outside of the classroom.

    School Day Tutoring in the Math Center (Room 217)

    Staffed 5-6 periods a day, please check out the Math Center Center in Room 217 and ask your questions!