As a reading specialist, I provide supplemental reading support to first and second grade students in addition to their classroom reading instruction. My program is designed to help accelerate growth in the following areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension. I provide small group instruction on a daily basis. This instruction is strong and fast paced and includes playing games, singing songs, and is a lot of fun!


    Leveled Literacy Intervention

    The program that I use with my students is called Leveled Literacy Intervention, or LLI. LLI is a research-based program that is designed for small group, specialized instruction. The groups consist of up to three students. Having such a small group enables me to really get to know my readers so that I can target instruction for each individual. 


    Key Features of an LLI Lesson

    • Re-reading of texts for fluency practice
    • Ongoing reading records
    • Word Work
    • Comprehension conversations
    • Writing about reading


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