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    Mrs. Meghan Kelly 
    Classroom Teacher /  Grade 7 / Social Studies
    Contact Information: mkelly@scarsdaleschools.org 
    About My Classroom
    Dear Cooper 7,

    Welcome back! I trust that you had a relaxing summer sprinkled with a bit of excitement. Together, we are embarking upon a journey of historical discovery in which we will explore the roots of our shared American experience. The 7th grade curriculum focuses on early American History through the Civil War.  Throughout the year we will work to sharpen our critical thinking skills by developing a keen awareness of perspective and bias in all the sources that we encounter. The development of this important skill will serve you well into your future as students, adults, and citizens who participate in a democratic society.  Additionally, we will strive to make connections between events of the past and events which define our current, 21st century, experience.  

    Units of Study:

    • Identity/ Historical Thinking
    • Exploration / Colonization / Slavery
    • The American Revolution
    • Human Rights
    • Beginnings of Government
    • Presidential Powers
    • Civil War
    • Service Learning

    Research and writing lie at the heart of all social studies related tasks. Much of the focus of our year will be on our ability to think and write in ways that are both critical and organized. We will work on individual and group research projects with the goal of developing these valuable skills. In addition, tests and quizzes will be given on a regular basis to assess student understanding of the material and skills learned in each unit. Homework is assigned each week with due dates indicated on google classroom, google calendar and the class board. Many homework assignments require the use of the textbook. Each student will be given a copy of the textbook to keep at home.

    Lastly, we will be using Google Classroom as a primary way of assigning and collecting student work. It is a wonderful education tool that enables students, teachers, and parents to streamline communication. Class notes, announcements and updates will all be shared in real time on google classroom.

    School supplies for Social Studies include a 3 ring binder with 5 dividers (notes/vocabulary, classwork, homework, quizzes/tests, projects). Pencils, pens and agendas are also mandatory items.

    President John F. Kennedy stated, “American history is not something dead and over. It is always alive, always growing, always unfinished.” I look forward to examining the unfinished history of the United States with you.


    Ms. Kelly

    Cooper 7 Social Studies