• Book of the Month  

    At Greenacres, The Book of The Month is a wonderful opportunity for all students across the school to share in the reading of a common picture book read in each classroom. The readings are followed by a discussion.  So, not only is this an opportunity to enjoy a story, but to also engage in discussions that uncover themes we hope will inspire our choices, interactions, attitudes and aspirations. 

    We carefully select books that have relevance for students as well as promote discussions that will lead them to uncover themes and important messages.  We hope you are inspired to read them too, again and again.    


    March 2017 marcover
    Three Hens and a Peacock
    by Lester Laminack.  Illustrated by Henry Cole.

    When a glamorous peacock lands unexpectedly on the Tuckers’ farm, he attracts much excitement and many new customers to purchase farm produce.  Unfortunately the hens are not so happy and complain that they do all the hard work of laying eggs but  the flashy peacock gets the attention.  The wise old hound sees the problem and suggests a job swap. What follows is the hilarious tale of three hens who get all dressed in jewelry and hair ribbons but fail to attract attention and one very distressed peacock who just can't figure out how to lay an egg. 



    February 2017 febcover

    Hey, Little Ant 
    by Phillip and Hannah Hoose.
    Illustrated by Debbie Tilley

    What would you do if the ant you were about to step on looked up and started talking? Would you stop and listen? What if your friends saw you hesitate? That’s what happens in this funny, thought-provoking book. Originally a song by a father-daughter team, this conversation between two creatures, large and small, is bound to inspire important discussions. It might even answer that classic childhood question: To squish or not to squish?



    January 2017 JanCover

    Giraffes Can’t Dance 
    by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees

    Gerald, a long legged giraffe does not think he can dance. At the annual Jungle dance, when Gerald takes his first dance steps, the animals sneered confirming Gerald’s fears about his dancing skills.  Sadly he goes away all alone.  A cricket soon notices Gerald and chooses to make a difference. He caters to Gerald by finding the perfect music that inspires Gerald to dance. Gerald learns a life-changing lesson that we hope will shape our lives too. 



    December 2016 deccover

    It's Okay to Make Mistakes 
    by Todd Parr

    Todd Parr's books remind kids to embrace differences, to be thankful, to love one another, and to be themselves. It's Okay to Make Mistakes shares the accidents, mistakes, and mess-ups that can lead to self-discovery.

    From coloring outside the lines and creating a unique piece of art to forgetting an umbrella but making a new friend, each page offers a kid-friendly take on the importance of taking chances, trying new things, and embracing life, mistakes and all.

    November 2016 novcover

    What Does it Mean to Be Kind? 
    by Rania DiOrio and illustrated by Stephanie Jorisch

    A girl in a red hat finds the courage to be kind to the new student in class. Her kindness spreads, kind act by kind act, until her whole community experiences the magical shift that happens when everyone understands—and acts on—what it means to be kind.


    October 2016 octcover

    If You Plant a Seed 
    by Kadir Nelson

    Kadir Nelson, acclaimed author and winner of the Caldecott Honor and the Coretta Scott King Author and Illustrator Awards, presents a resonant, gently humorous story about the power of even the smallest acts and the rewards of compassion and generosity.

    With spare text and breathtaking oil paintings, If You Plant a Seed demonstrates not only the process of planting and growing for young children but also how a seed of kindness can bear sweet fruit.