Dina Hofstetter
    Art Teacher
    Good Night Moon
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    Unfocused Opening Act

    2023-24 Courses

    Studio Art Foundation
    Digital Photography I & II
    Digital Video I
    Advanced Studio in Digital Photography/Video   

    About My Classroom:
       In 2010  I attended a conference called "Thinking Like an Artist" at the Guggenheim Museum. If I could sum up my approach to teaching art, it would be that I strive to introduce my students to different ways of thinking like artists within the time and constraints of our stressful academic environment. I know that my students want to excel; my priority is to help them to slow down, look around, and discover that creativity is not accessed by memorizing answers, but by noticing, reflecting, and daring to ask questions.

    My daily goal is to try to create an atmosphere of respect, productivity, and creativity for all of my students.  As a mom, I try to be the kind of art teacher that I wish for my own daughter - one who is "strict" enough to channel student energy and enthusiasm into an exciting and challenging learning experience; one who is passionate about her subject matter yet realistic enough to understand that the arts are just a fraction of the big picture for her students; and one who ultimately understands that all students must be given permission and support in order to take creative risks, ask questions, make mistakes, and grow from their experiences.