The Learning Resource Center Program is a support system for students, teachers, and parents. The Learning Resource Teacher provides for children's needs in a variety of ways: 
    • Early Intervention so students can catch up with their peers.
    • Screening of students in order to address academic and behavior challenges
    • Direct instruction in specific academic areas such as reading, written expression, and mathematics.  
    • Support in developing Executive Function Skills (organization and study skills). These skills may be addressed within the various content areas such as social studies or science.  
    • Diagnosis, assessment and the development of an educational plan to meet the children's academic needs and learning styles.  
    • Consultation with classroom teachers regarding strategies, materials, and activities. 
    • Communication with parents concerning their child's needs and progress. 
    •    In addition to providing direct instruction to students and consulting with teachers and parents, each Learning Resource Teacher serves as a member of the building MTSS Committee ( Multi-Tiered System of Supports) and the District Committee on Special Education.READING AND WRITING